Earth Oddity 92: $55 Dollar “Brunchella”?

News Links for the Week: Outrage over ‘rip-off’ $55 ‘Brunchella’ VIP breakfast plate before church service event where Kanye West performed – and suddenly everyone is reminded of FYRE FESTIVAL: Indiana woman found dead with python wrapped around her neck, 140 snakes in ‘reptile home,’ police say: After Lopsided Win, 61-13, High School Coach Is […]

Whistleblower w/ Asylum in Russian Has Epstein Videos, What’s on Them? Why the Media is Silent? John Mark Dougan, the Palm Beach ex Sheriff turned whistleblower, rejoins the program to discuss the explosive news regarding the Epstein videos he currently has in possession. The story first came to light when the Times of London published the story after (it is believed) the FBI leaked the information to MI6 regarding the […]

John Chewter – The Tales Of Old Mother Shipton – Archetypal Witch & Prophetess From: Where Did The Road Go?

John Chewter (of Deprogrammed Radio) in conversation with Seriah.. Outro Music by Sin Circus with Pied Piper. Download Ursula Southeil (c. 1488–1561) (also variously spelled as Ursula Southill, Ursula Soothtell or Ursula Sontheil), better known as Mother Shipton, is said to have been an English soothsayer and prophetess. The first publication of her prophecies, which […]

VFTB Carl Teichrib – Burning Man and Transformation

YOU WOULDN’T expect to find leaders in banking and high tech taking part in pagan rituals in the desert. You would thus be surprised to find people just like that dancing around the fire alongside people you might bump into at the local supermarket. Carl Teichrib, author of the excellent book Game of Gods: The […]

Celeste Solum From: The Edge AM

Celeste Solum was born for such a time as this.  God has strategically and gently placed her in careers, events, and situations that are now converging during these End Times. Throughout history God has called certain women of God to step out from their household onto the global and supernatural stage of history Celeste grew up […]