Some Buddhist Allies. . . . ?!

I was on TV with these guys a few years back. . . this leader is actually aware of much of the deep state garbage. Although I don’t agree with Buddhism at its core, I find we have allies everywhere in this fight! Here was the ceremony remembering and praying for those who passed during […]

Interesting Thought:

WHEN GABRIEL WRESTLED WITH THE PRINCE OF PERSIA, that’s been taken to mean, of course, that the Prince of Persia was one of the Devil’s angels, the spiritual ruler of Persia. Who knows but that perhaps he was a former king of Persia on the Devil’s side, who after being so loyal to the Devil […]

The CDC Says Not to Wear a Mask if Healthy

The CDC does not recommend that people who are well wear a facemask to protect themselves from COVID-19.  According to the CDC, facemasks should be used by people who have COVID-19 and are showing symptoms, or health workers and other people who are taking care of someone infected with COVID-19 in close settings.  The WHO also does not recommend […]

Hidden American History, Law and Legal with John Leckrone

SpiritWars: Hidden American History, Law and Legal with John Leckrone History of slavery Use of contract The difference between liberty and freedom history of the colonies Treaty of Paris 1783 *see below The taking of the bank of England by the Rothschilds The original Constitution had a lowercase “U” in the United States. General […]