TMR 223 : Brian Clegg : Before the Big Bang ? The Big Bang theory is well-established, but how complete is it? Does it describe the absolute beginning of physical reality, or is there perhaps more to be discovered that might place it in a broader cosmic context? We welcome the award-winning British science writer Brian Clegg, author of dozens of popular science books in […]

SpiritForce Open Source Warfare!

MIDSOMMAR1 YEAR IN HAWAII –WHAT’S HAPPENEDPRAY FOR RANDAL LUFFMANPRAY FOR FRIENDS AGAINST JEZEBEL ATTACKS(why are we using all caps??)DREAM at Loch Ness with Cruise shipSynch with Praying Medic and Kingdom Talks! Heaven is Real in a Jurassic Park sort of wayGetting Banned on Major Platforms 

Let’s Get Jacked Up! “Our Christian Heritage”

Tim Parrish, and his dad Pastor Wilbur Parrish teaches us about our Christian Heritage on this episode! Listen to Pastor Wilbur Parrish as he explains in depth just what our Christian Heritage came from. Pastor Parrish has been a Pastor for over 50 years, and digs deep into what our American fore fathers really wanted […]

Prayer Team Training and Guidelines

How do you pray for people if you are asked to be on a prayer team?  This video is a basic training for how to pray for people individually or as part of a prayer team.  Check out the Prayer Team Training Document:

Why Must We Keep Ourselves in the Love of God?

Hi guys, and gals, just your friendly neighborhood Michael Basham here, musing during a late night between translating Chinese comics into English and studying for a Hawai’ian Real Estate exam. I found out the Amazon Kindle has a text-aloud feature through bluetooth headphones and have been experimenting with it, finding myself going through old notes […]