「The Day Time Stood Still」

From a dear brother, a Word confirmed today!  What does it mean that in Revelation Time would be No More?

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  1. The Hebrews passage (letter to the Ivryim) is what Howard Pittman was sharing in the testimony of his 15 min death, and his interaction with first the angels, then YHWH, then Yahshua. He was plainly shown (upbraided too) that his labours and those of most “believers’ were of wood, hay, and stubble because while they profess with their lips “LORD, LORD” they haven’t made him LORD OF LORDS, KING OF KINGS, on the throne of their lives, but rather SELF is enthroned, because they haven’t entered into that reast of resting from their own works in order to do those as Yashua said He did, of the
    Father who sent Him.


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