100 percent. . .GIVE

My rewards are not meted out according to the number of gifts and the strength of a man, but according to your faithfulness, yieldedness, and humility. So you see, the rewards do not gauge how much or how little I love a person, for once again, My love is unchanging and constant. I love each person equally, whether they be great or whether they be small.
The rewards I pour forth depend upon you and how you live, what you do for Me–whether you give 10 percent, 50 percent or 100 percent. I have made an original investment in you as an individual, and the returns that you will receive on that investment depend on what you do with it–whether you take the investment and you hide it away and bury it, or whether you use it wisely, consistently and faithfully.
You are the one who is responsible for the rewards, for the returns, and for the blessings that you receive from Me.
(From Jesus with Love 1)

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