Want to join in an all out active Spiritual Invasion???    We’re setting out to make contact with some of the Buddhist Hermits!IMAG3226

Two years ago when driving my daughter on adventures in the mountains, we came across a buddhist temple with a huge parkinglot and nice view — the lady there who was a monk exchanged phone numbers with me and since then has invited me to participate in some of her activities in the city.

Asia Land

It never ceases to amaze me how the adventure in this land never ends!   Pray with me as we finish what we started in . . . . ASIA LAND, Spirit Wars edition!


This is the area we met the woman.   Pray for this land.  It’s 10-40 window and they are not usually open to the Gospel, but God does amazing things, He loves the Buddhists!  We will do an interview hopefully with this temple’s “Master” pretty soon on Fringe Radio Network!

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