The Brink of the Great Tribulation

It was around Christmastime in 2008 in Tokyo that I finally sat down at a Starbucks and tried to collect all the major events going on in the World both spiritually and physically in “The Cusp of the Crash.”  Since that time the Lord has shown me many other things, and indeed the Spiritual landscape has changed greatly!  But we’re right on schedule:  First the Crash, then the Great Tribulation!  Let’s gather some more tremendous items together here during this significant time!  What is happening NOW in light of the facts we all already know about the G.T.?  I like to call it the GTO:  Great Tribulation Offensive!  GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES!!
First, a small review.  The Crash really did occur, although the strategy of the Big Banks was just to print more money so no one noticed.  Of course, most people I know in the States are struggling to survive but they at least have enough food to eat so we don’t see bedlam on the streets YET.  Many people get very angry when you tell them that God is going to judge America, as though you just insulted their favorite puppy!  Well He HAS to do this, and indeed it IS Babylon the Whore and it will be destroyed.  Once you move past that fact, things become a lot clearer, otherwise you’ll be stuck in the valley of indecision until the fire comes down!
SO let us move past America, for that is a subject that is covered by enough people already.  All you have to do is visit or and even just the front page news and see that America is Falling, and that God is going to allow this to happen.  Not sure about the God part yet? Just read the book of Jeremiah.
But what about after America falls?  Then we have to keep surviving, right?  What did God tell us about the Great Tribulation and how are these facts standing up in the light of what we know now?  It’s more than half-way through 2012, and we know a bit more than we did several decades ago.
Back to the Crash of   ’08.  It is worth repeating that the “Offensive” of the Lord’s Endtime Army officially kicked off just a couple months before the Crash became visible unto all that Fall.  Where has the Offensive gone?  Where is the Endtime Army now?  I have just this past 24 hours been praying about this, and I believe I know where they are.
How big is Heaven?  Well it fits inside the Moon, so it must be tremendous (I’m talking about New Jerusalem.)  Think about all the Christians in the world, and their level of faith.  Most of Heaven is composed of these Christians, who grew up in the Churches.  They have the faith of children, and are milk-drinkers!
I believe the Family is entering into this area of the Heavenlies:  Milk Heaven (for lack of a better phrase!)  And there may be a secret reason for this!
During my own adventures in the Spirit to Heaven (I just take this by faith okay…) I have repeatedly come up against this fact of the majority of the populace, although being ruled by love and the Lord’s Spirit, still being somewhat. . .  milky.  Churchy.  They Worship God from a distance, although they worship Him in Truth.  They are happy and eternal, and full of light and life, and everything is as it should be, but I notice the stark contrast between the intimacy that I have practiced and seen practiced among Christians who are “MEAT” eaters!  That is where I want to be, with the Meat Eaters!  But alas, most people who are beloved by the Lord in His Kingdom are not so.  It’s just a fact of life, in Heaven.  So how is the Family supposed to become the “Leaders of the Endtime Christian World?”
I think it’s partly in becoming a part of them, or at least understanding where they are coming from.  The New Wine and New Weapons still stand, and are there available for all who wish to be disciples and intimate with the Lord, Key Wielders, elite fighters, and dropped-out of this present day system.  But meanwhile what better way for the Lord to protect His Endtime-Church than to disguise them among the normal church?
The purpose of this may be multi-faceted.  Although the danger always exists for people to want to “rejoin the Matrix” of normal Churchianity and a Theology that merely pursues careers and having a selfish life, there is one other side to this:  Infiltration!
Now I’m going to veer off this subject a little, into the world of Super Soldiers.
Just a few days ago there was the first Super Soldier Summit, which was for those who were taken by government black projects and used in Psychic and Paranormal operations.  Remote Viewing, cloning, cyborgs, and travel to other worlds all connect here and the people who have been abducted and secretly programed to be such “Super Soldiers” all were able to meet and share their experiences for the first time.  This would be the continuation of MK-ULTRA type stuff (brainwashed assassins like the Manchurian Candidate!).
Once you get into this kind of stuff, you are dealing with off-world military operations, deep occult stuff, and even Time Travel!  Sound Insane?  There’s a lot more going on than I could even enumerate here but I will try and sum it all up!
Now, one reason that these “Super Soldiers” are taken and then brought back to their normal everyday functioning lives is that they are unable to function in a 24/7 life of only secret black projects involving aliens, underground bases, psychicly leaving your body and using other bodies, teleporting to other worlds, fighting in deep-space battles, and all the insane things that go along with that.  It’s not my job to explain all of that to you, you may go and hear out James Rink, James Casbolt, Lt. Col. SC, Michael Relf, Solaris Bluraven, Arizona Wilder, and many other victims who have been forceably taken and made to engage in such activities.  There is always a super Satanic edge to all that they do, as well.
James Rink reported that they are put back into their normal ho-hum average lives to be able to cope with what they face in their secret jobs!  OK I know that this is all hard to swallow, but do you believe in Spiritual Warfare?
How is it that you, Christian who works at McDonalds or a Law Firm, also are able to wrestle with High-Supernatural Evil Beings and cast down their thrones and powers through the Name of Jesus?  Don’t you have a secret job, too that only God knows?  The life of Prayer?  Humans are part spiritual, so it’s entirely possible for all kinds of things to be going on that we know nothing about in our day-to-day lives.
It’s time to get ready for a world that nothing this system taught us has prepared us for.  Nothing but the Word of God will stand, and the New Weapons are a part of that Word.  Never heard of the New Weapons?  Ask the Lord to show you!  He needs fighters who are able to wield them.  Already heard of them?  Then ask the Lord to take you to the next step.  Just this morning He told me He wanted me to go deeper, and that He had fantastic new things for me if I would just receive them.  If He can do it for me, then He sure can for you, and He will!
Getting Heavenly Minded will ensure a divorce from this world and its ways, and a desire to live by faith.  The destruction of all the crutches of our daily grinds and artificial lives is coming soon and fast, and the destruction of America also.  Who will be able to stand?  Only those “Who Know Their God.”  One of the meanings of the word “know” in the Bible means. . .  well, you know!  So get close to Him today!

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  1. Bravo! Love this post. Noticed your reply on my wordpress and clicked on your name and taaadaaa…here I am. GOD Bless you. I especially like how you interact with GOD on such a personal level. We all need this, each and everyone. I pray for those who are lost, yes even those caught up in this occult live we live in. I am pleased to see how passionate you are. Peace & Blessings-ENDTIMESWATCHER

    1. Amen! What an honor to have you visit here. I used to run a blog “gleeful cove of spiritual beauty” and we spoke a long time ago by email! Alas wordpress shut down that site and i also changed my email and things. . . my new email is [email protected]
      I think it’s time we started using the New Weapons and gearing up for the End War here… keep wielding the Sword, Virginia! GBY!!!


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