3 Factors Facing the Churchy Church Today

In these days there are so many issues facing not only the church but even just humanity in general.  It has become apparent to me recently that sometimes it pays to narrow the answers down to just a few of these topics to address.  Now we will pick up 3 main ones that I feel from the Bible we can make a definite impact on both the church and even secular society (as more and more people will never step inside of a church (or listen  to so-called “Christian doctrine”). 

The first of these is taking care of single moms and fatherless children.   The Bible actually says that true religion is taking care of the widows and the orphans, but to apply it to today’s emergencies, you can most likely count on more than two appendages within your local circles those who are single moms or those who are fatherless or motherless or even orphaned children.  Focus on those people in your life, for a start.  Setting aside the Bible we can even argue with the everyday average citizen of our town the importance of this.  Bring those people into our personal lives and see major personal change and even “supernatural blessing” when you do.   Leading into the second point, we can go back to the Bible and bridge this by saying that Heaven is a broken family.   Long ago, Satan deceived 2/3rds of Heaven and started the biggest celestial family feud of all time, with brother angel fighting brother angel, and one can only turn to such science-fiction works such as the Horus Heresy series to imagine the scale of such a battle.  Well in this sense we can envision every saint and heavenly being as having partaken of such a break, where even Christ Jesus Himself was broken for our transgressions. 

When we identify with Jesus on the Cross Galatians 2:20-style then it is effortlessly easier to identify with everyday normal people who have been broken in this fallen world.  There are countless websites, blogs, and sermons I would like to delve into on this subject in the coming months to grow my understanding and reach out to those who are clueless as to why “such a strange thing has happened unto thee” when actually it is the Enemy trying to destroy families on an unprecedented scale these days.  The following also  encapsulates the next two points I meant to address as being very important in introducing God and the Faith to normal people.

One is well known as a so-called conspiracy site but actually does a good job of identifying the globalist satanic plan to bring about a one world order, utilizing all the tactics of communism and other godless regimes.  This site is called InfoWars and has been banned off of every platform known to the average human. If Google Apple and Facebook are really pro-human, it’s interesting to see them ban Alex Jones from all their platforms as he has truly made fighting for family, Christianity and human destiny his prime focus.  This of course has been a test to then destroy all freedom of speech and start a new dark age in the information super highway where only transexual children and pro-one world order people are allowed to exist, but this is not the place to go into detail about this.   

Next, to promote our Christian foundation we can go to brokenbreadteaching.org and learn a great deal from such teachers as Ern Baxter about the foundations of Christianity as well as Paul’s teachings so that amidst all the battle going on with SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors) and Satanists not to mention the victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse) that we seem to meet everywhere these days we can also find a bit of reprieve and spiritual ammunition to help heal people.   Ern Baxter has some of the greatest foundational teachings available on the web, and during the last decades of his ministry worked closely with Derek Prince who is a renowned pastor and has brought countless millions to know God in a deeper way.  Unfortunately his family did not preserve his life’s work and only this website keeps a long list of his priceless teachings available for download for free.   This is like attending 10 seminaries for the price of one. . . for free!   OK let’s delete that last sentence as it logically made no sense.   In any case, one should make a point to visit (and I also shall visit) infowars.com and brokenbreadteachings.org in order to provide some current information that can be very beneficial in introducing a cosmological viewpoint on the issues we are facing today.  If I talk to a single mom or someone who was raised in a single-parent family, I always try to zoom out and show them what has been happening for the last several thousand years that is culminating in our generation(s).  I show them that there is a plan to destroy family and remove sound doctrine from the church through the watering down of Christianity and usually this helps them quite a bit.

One method of evangelization to this broken world that I have found very effective is not to be in constant ministry mode but to empower individuals to get involved as important and key factors in the salvation of this planet.  This involves every day waking up with a very clear personal realization of the war for souls and culture and nations that we are all in every day, against Satan’s Kingdom.  I spoke with a victim of Satanic Ritual Abuse recently who was a part of a well known ministry in the past, having spoken on the radio.  She told me that her wish and desire was for less “ministry” and more friendship.  More inclusion.   Bringing people into family circles rather than charging a fee or a tithe for reaching out.   There are people on this planet who are so hurt and who really need to be adopted into families who are afloat.   This brings me to the next pertinent and valuable resource, New Wine Magazine.  Although outdated in many respects, on Charles Simpson’s website you can find over a decade worth of valuable instruction in family upbringing so that we can have strong core families that will then be able to reach out to those who are in the darkness.  The Bible says that during the dark times ever righteous man will be as a tree, as stated in Psalm 1.  We can be that for people today by first of all ensuring that our home affairs are conducted in righteousness, and then reaching out to a needy neighbor or friend who never had such a peaceful setting to grow and be nurtured.   This I believe will be the key and core factor in promoting healthy church growth in the future, rather than a top-down leadership style Christianity.

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