3/6/10- Guest: Jeffrey Grupp, “The Illuminati Are The Nephilim” DVD

Jeffrey Grupp currently resides in West Lafayette, IN. He has a masters degree in philosophy from Western Michigan University and an undergrad degree from U. of New Mexico. He was working for his PHD in philosophy at Purdue U. when he decided it was not the right track for him and he therefore left the program and consequently published three books: CORPORATISM: THE SECRET GOVERNMENT OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER, THE TELESCREEN: AN EMPIRICAL STUDY OF THE DESTRUCTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN AMERICA, and TELEMENTATION, all of which were published by Progressive Press. He has also made a documentary film called THE ILLUMINATI ARE THE NEPHILIM, which can be purchased at http://www.abstractatom.com/. He is a former college teacher, teaching philosophy (specifically: Eastern philosophy, ethics, metaphysics, and Buddhism), before he was told by university administrators that free speech does not exist in the university and he would be expelled from college teaching for various reasons. Jeffrey is married, is a an ardent Second Amendment activist and political activist. He is also a metaphysician and Buddhist. His political party is the Constitution Party (formerly Libertarian).

Note: Jeffrey is a Buddhist, I am a Christian. I do make the distinction on the show and am making it here. I do find it interesting because Jeffrey is the first Buddhist I’ve met who believes that Satan and Yahweh are real. Unfortunately, the most important fact- Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and his death on the cross and resurrection for the sins of mankind- are not in his belief system.

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