Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices ( 2Cor.2:11 ).
1. If you don’t recognise the Enemy’s work, how are you going to get the victory over it?
2. The Devil doesn’t always try to scare you to death, he quite often tries to charm you to death.
3. The Devil can cite Scriptures for his purpose.
4. Watch out for hypnotism!–It can bring on demon-possession.
5. “Where wickedness doth abound, grace doth much more abound”–and it also works the other way: If grace is abounding, the Devil is working, too!
6. If the Devil can’t totally defeat you, he’ll try to keep you from winning a complete victory.
7. If the Devil can’t kill you any other way, he tries to scare you to death.
8. A craving for sweets is like a craving for drugs or drink or gambling.–It’s something the Devil knows can absolutely destroy you!
9. Game-playing, such as chess & cards, is as addictive as gambling & alcohol & used as a tool of the Devil to waste time!
10. The Devil’s favourite tool with Christians is discouragement.
11. Idleness is the Devil’s workshop.
12. The business of the Devil is to try to bring about condemnation.
13. If there is anything the Devil uses to slow down the Words of God, it’s problem people!
14. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, & where there is liberty the Devil always tries to take advantage of it.
15. One of the Enemy’s wiles is “Wait awhile.”
16. The Devil is satanically intellectual. He is a god of knowledge.
17. One of the Devil’s diabolical delusions with which he deceives you is: To raise questions about minor issues to get your mind off the major ones & distract your attention from the things you should be concerned about, so that you become busy with a little here & a little there till the important is gone!
18. The Devil’s a great one to quote Scriptures. He can almost quote more Scripture than anybody.
19. If the Devil can’t persuade you not to serve God, then he tries to get you so weighted down with things, problems & time, energy & money wasters that you can’t even move.
20. The Devil is like the strip-teaser: He offers you everything, but never really delivers.
21. The Devil’s plan is to accuse you of the things he himself is actually guilty of.
22. The Devil can never win except by default. The only way he can get the victory is if he can persuade you to quit.
23. If the Devil can get you to agree on even a short cease-fire, he has time to bring up reinforcements, encircle you, infiltrate you with his lies & spies, & try to trap you completely. You can’t do business with the Enemy even for a moment–he’s out to win!
24. Most of the time jealousy exaggerates things so much that they seem worse than they really are. That’s the Devil’s business–to blow things up as big as a mountain.
25. The Devil’s business is contradicting the Lord.
26. No wonder Satan tried to offer Jesus the World–that was his domain.
27. The biggest thing the Devil’s trying to do is just keep you from being a good sample to win others, because he knows he’s in danger of losing others out of his clutches because of you!
28. A lot of people who worship themselves, literally are worshipping the Devil!
29. People who worship their minds are worshipping themselves, & if they’re worshipping themselves, they’re literally worshipping the god of this World, the Devil.
30. The religion of the Devil from the very beginning was to get people to worship themselves instead of God.
31. The Devil is always threatening & breathing out slaughters, but seldom, if ever, accomplishing them.
32. When the leader is away, the Devil always tries to slip in!
33. There’s nothing that God has that the Devil doesn’t try to imitate!
34. Watch your thoughts!–They are real things!
35. The Devil is both the Prosecuting Attorney & the Executioner, a part of the whole judgement process of God’s justice!
36. The Devil really tries to put a muzzle on those who would attempt to expose him & would try to warn people of his dirty work.
37. Jesus didn’t talk very much about the works of the Devil, but He did warn people a lot about them.
38. The Devil always accuses God’s Saints of the very things which he himself is doing & of which his own people are guilty!
39. “Divide & conquer!” is the Devil’s own slogan!
40. There’s a difference between the conviction of the Holy Spirit & the accusations of the Enemy.
41. Not all doors are of the Lord. Some of them can be tricks of the Devil, decoys, blind alleys, red herrings, side tracks & downright disasters!
42. Everything the Devil offers is a counterfeit substitute, a fake & a phoney! But ours is the real thing & forever!
43. The main purpose of the Enemy’s words is to cause fear–to weaken your work for the Lord & upset you in every way.
44. The Devil was ordained to see if he could get you to not believe God.
45. The Devil will always try to put in a partial half-truth to give credence to his lie.
46. The Devil is always threatening & breathing out slaughter & trying to bluff you out or merely persuade you to surrender, because he cannot actually defeat you unless you give up & give in & let him have it.
47. Since the Devil can’t prove his own lies, he does his damnedest to try to disprove the Truth!
48. Even if the government doesn’t know where you are, the Devil knows, & he’s always ready to stir up trouble, so watch out!
49. The Devil attacks us first in our thoughts: That’s the door through which he finds entrance. But thank God you can slam that door shut with Scriptures, as Jesus did!
50. Any hold Satan has is only as a usurper. He tries to hold onto that which is not rightfully his.
51. It is impossible for the Devil to win over you, unless you give in to him.
52. The Devil is a liar & is usually bluffing.
53. The Devil can’t stand the Word, nor the Name of Jesus.
54. The first purpose of the Devil is to condemn.
55. The Devil will tempt you to sin, then accuse you for sinning.
56. The Devil tries to drown out the voice of the Spirit when you’re embroiled in the material!
57. A lot of times the reason why you have to fight the Devil so much is because you’re fighting God & the Truth.
58. If the Devil can just scare you out before you begin, then you’ll never accomplish what God wants you to do.
59. The Devil can really tell you a lot of horrible truth about yourself, not to speak of the terrible lies he tells you.
60. Part of what the Devil says is always true, because he couldn’t get you to believe his lies unless he told you some truth mixed with it, which would deceive you into thinking his lies were true too!
61. Procrastination is the Devil’s own tool to get people to put things off until later.
62. Procrastination is one of the Devil’s cleverest weapons–if he knows he can’t stop you, he tries to delay you.
63. If the Devil can’t stop you, he tries to distract you!
64. We’re not condemned for victories won,
But all the things we haven’t done.
65. The Devil uses terrorism too: His whole idea in the World is to try to frighten people into letting him have his way!
66. The worship of riches of this life is Devil worship.
67. The Devil won’t let you get away with anything, he’s the accuser of the Saints! The minute you step out of line, he’ll start nippin’ at your heels & giving you all kinds of trouble!
68. There’s seldom anything good in a nightmare & it usually has no significant meaning or lesson or interpretation that is valuable, other than to merely try to frighten you in your sleep & scare you in your slumber, & is therefore most apt to be from the Enemy, just to worry you & upset you & startle you!
69. If the Devil can’t defeat you, he sure can annoy you. If he can’t stop you, then he tries to slow you down.
70. The first big lie the Devil told Adam & Eve was that God was a liar!
71. The Devil always tries to reverse things, & the minute God says anything the Devil immediately tries to contradict it!
72. The Devil is a divider & a confuser!
73. When you’re discouraged, the Devil makes you mad at the Truth because he’s about to be defeated by it.
74. The Devil can’t do a damn thing without God’s permission. Sometimes God even lets the Enemy bother us a little bit, just to keep us on our toes.
75. The Enemy attacks now & then just to help us appreciate our blessings.
76. The Devil makes his worst attack, not on your good, but on your lack.
77. If the Devil can’t discourage you in any other way, he tries to belittle you & belittle what you’re doing.
78. The Devil hasn’t got much to offer but lies & deceits & counterfeits & imitations & disillusionments, disappointments, discouragements, doubts, fears, confusions & monotonous frustration & final destruction & total death!
79. Every one we win is a threat to hundreds of others of the Devil’s, so he’s out to stop each one the best he can.
80. The Devil is not a creator, he’s only an imitator & destroyer. He’s conjuring up his fake building of papier mâché on a sandy foundation.
81. It’s a lot easier for the Devil to hide in a crowd.
82. If the Devil cannot attack you, he will even try to attack your little ones, which is why you really have to pray over your children, lay hands on them & dedicate them to the Lord.
83. Look at that word “Devil”, will you? Chop off his head, “d”, & you’ve still got “evil”; chop off the “e” & it’s “vile”; chop off the “v” & he’s “ill”; & chop off the “i” & he’s “l”!–Hell!
84. When you begin admiring the Devil’s work then it’s a form of worship.
85. The Scripture says we’re not to be unaware of the Devil’s devices. In other words, we are to beware of his devices. But we’re not to get so fascinated by studying how he works that it becomes a form of morbid curiosity, a fascination for evil!
86. If the Devil always came around with hooves & horns & a long tail & a pitch fork in his hand, he wouldn’t be half as dangerous as the way he usually comes around, in the form of some beautiful woman or some handsome man or some smooth-tongued teacher or preacher or even Family Member!
87. The Enemy is always on the job, always watching & ready to give us a shove & cause us to stumble & fall if we’re not watching & praying & looking & holding onto the Lord!
88. A Christian oppressed by the Devil is like a prisoner of war held by enemy forces.
89. There’s a difference between the conviction of the Holy Spirit & the accusations of the Enemy. You are not convicted of a sin until the Judge, God, has made a decision. But frequently the Enemy will come & accuse you of sins or things which aren’t even sins, & condemn you for it.
90. The word “luck” definitely comes from its god, Lucifer! We don’t need luck, the blessings of the Devil for loyalty to him, Lucifer.
91. Evil spirits are now getting to the point with these electronic machines etc. particularly since they’re very sensitive to the electric impulses etc., where the demons can fritz up the works & cause trouble, so that if they can’t attack us they try to attack our machines.
92. As soon as God makes a Promise, the Devil tries to make it seem a lie.
93. When people pray against us or even are wishing against one of the Lord’s children, it’s cursing.
94. To invite Satan is easy, to dismiss him is hard.

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  1. I haven’t quit, I’m not procrastinating and the only spiritual attack I’ve had is through the time wasting experience and mind and spirit draining suck-fest of a morning I’ve just had in looking into the delusional business tycoon world of Ian Clayton ha! It turns out he’s trans-located all over the world and the only passing through one dimension to the other that he does is that he gets on a plane on the physical dimension of the earth and then passes through the first Heaven being the skies and into another dimension being another country and another land. He even crosses into other dimensions from one land, that dimension being one land mass to another via the seas so when he says he trans-locates he wasn’t joking – he’s been trans-locating all over the world and he is as they say – living the dream! He sounds like the sort of man that could easily sell sand to the Arabs! These escapades often start with delusions of grandeur as a result of reading too many books, they start to imagine they are an authority on the subject and then they get the overwhelming urge to take the whole thing, one, two, three, four or more steps further and to put their mark on the whole thing. Suddenly the student becomes the master and this is their great moment of truth when they enter into the realm of “Ye shall be as gods” and of course they have their own take of just what God is and what He is like, or in other words, what they think He should be like. I think that the only cure for these people is the same cure for all Don Quixote’s and that is to let the madness run it’s course and hope that one day they will wake up out of their dreams! Now for some real reality, I’ve got a pile of dishes to do and a bog to clean!


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