A Discipleship Message to the Pre-Tribulation Rapturists

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  1. Hi there Michael. Thanks very much for posting this article, I think this will help a lot of people. The questions asked in the article are definitely compelling and would get any person thinking. During my Christian walk I did change my rapture views regularly, but after reading the Bible and also watching a very objective and fair ‘timing of the rapture’ debate, I have concluded that the Bible definitely writes of a post tribulation rapture.

    I watched a debate in the UK between Bob Mitchell and another English gentleman and it’s the best debate I have found. The debate was fair, reasonable, objective and if any reasonable person watches it, they can come to no other conclusion than that the Bible predicts a post trib rapture. People need to stop listening to their favorite preachers or authors and just check the scriptures for themselves.

    Below is the UK rapture debate which I highly recommend.


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