A Gate Opens into Christian Dungeons and Dragons. . . (graphic)

Words are what framed the universe.  Sentences can be as judgements or they can set people at liberty.  There is such a thing as a sentence that is a seance.  A structure of a rightly placed set of words, “how good is it – like apples of gold fit into rings of silver!”  Nowadays people set at naught the sanctity and effectiveness of words due to their pervasiveness across so many platforms.  How to get back to where as the Ancients knew, words are magical things again?  And which gate will you open once you arrive at that place?   Now I will endeavor to step into that place and open that gate.   Perhaps the beginning will be a bit scary, but it should end well.

First a swoosh of gratitude and peace floods in, and the feeling of being inside a womb is all consuming.  The universe opens, as though all information and all knowledge and all wisdom was right there at your fingertips, which, actually it is.  Minds of the clouds of witnesses join with yours as you reach out with the hand of faith to turn the dial, and the correct key code is used.  An adoration for the Master of all things which are good and beautiful and virtuous is the ticket.  Through the words of worship to Him you can be reborn.  In this self-abandonment and losing your own comfort zone you truly find yourself and are joined with His realm.  Then the visions come too.  Write them down, see where they take you.

A scintillating white shining beach and a palmtree with its fronds gently feeling around the pure perfect air, in expectation of what will happen when once its been seen rests on a small hill covered with grass.  In the distance a ship is coming slowly, growing in size until you finally recognize it for what it is – a cruise ship, no mistake.  The island appears to be some kind of drop off point, as you woke up to find yourself here with nothing but what you’ve got on your person now.   The peace of the placid water is so nice and inviting but there are obviously strange creatures lurking about.  Don’t go in.  The cruise ship arrives and it starts to slow down, as its been stuck on some reefy coral.  A figure drops a life raft off the side, climbs down a rope onto it and begins rowing furiously to you.

“Help me!”  shouts a woman’s voice.   There was something strange about how it just beached itself, essentially.  She looks like she’s been in not-such-a-good place and now its obvious that this Zen Moment has been ruined.

The island you are on is not big, but the longer you are here the more knowledge and memory comes back to you.   As in a dream where everything makes sense while you are in it, but upon awakening you think “why was that normal” so are the physics and laws here, even the laws of relating to certain objects.

“How may I help you?”  You tell the lady who struggles off the boat running breathlessly up to you.  She falls on her knees and throws up black bile.  This is instantly cleansed by the water.

“I’m. . . not sure. . . COUGH. . . there’s. . . they. . .  we don’t have much time!”  She was hardly able to speak.  You help her back to her feet and bring her into a jungle abode which exists for study, rest, and getting away from the world.   Talk about intrusion.  However, the girl has a good heart, you can just tell.  Something about her spirit, although she needs to get cleaned up.   You offer her a towel and show her to the bathroom while fixing some food.  Being here, despite outside conflicts and dangers, one can’t help but breathe in and out the overwhelming sense of goodness and protection.  Better get ready for some major dangers, though.


“Thank you, I’m Mercy.  Came here because I saw the coordinates on the ships navigation as one of the last places not yet infected.  We have so many on board who are beyond hope, and I’m only barely ok myself.”

“I’m —-” You tell her your name, and she seems comforted.   You sit down at your favorite sofa and turn on the tv, and a steady stream of information comes in.  Here exists another dimension’s cable.  The only way of transmitting what you see is going to be verbally or through art.  The fastest way to tie this reality to your own on the Earth however is going to be the extent of truth it contains, for “we can do nothing against the truth, but only for the truth.”  Data pours through the tv set and is a relaxing dose of understanding of the way things are on this — dimensional reality but also seems to calm Mercy down further too.  Once she is in a better state she begins to explain the situation:

“The captain went insane, totally completely insane.   It started when he began thinking the world was flat and we were going to go off the edge of it.  He then locked himself in the control room and started to direct the ship off course into the north.  No one understood what was happening until it was too late, but the crew mutinied and he let loose a chemical that made them go insane, apparently it was something he’d been practicing with as well.  A new popular drug, we later found.  I was one of the guests and swimming in the pool when the final package was released and all the guest passengers started to eat each other.  Some of them are still somewhat sane but they have to hide locked away in showers or anything with water, like the ships water supply.  I managed to sneak into the captain’s room, steal the key and figure out somehow where we could go that was safe.  The crew are going to find out soon what I’ve done, and are going to come after me.  I thank you for your hospitality and help like this, but I just do not know how much longer we have here.   You do believe me, don’t you?”  she seems to have so much more to say but is obviously about to hyperventilate, the information is just a lot for her to process.

“Naturally.”  You respond.    She hungrily gobbles up the spaghetti leftovers you’d found in the fridge and is now pacing up and down the living room, checking the windows.  It’s obvious she’s been in a very desperate and unrested state for quite some time.  She’s used to eating for survival, not enjoyment.

“I know it’s only a matter of time before they wake up.  They’re going to come for us.  They’re going to come for us and when they do—

“I’ll think of a plan,”  you say.  “Here, why don’t you listen to the news for a while while I go check the outer hull of the ship.  Stay here!”

She agrees and you go outside into the beautiful sunshine once more.  The fact that things are crazy does not take away from the level of joy and even the thrill of this challenge.  Besides, who’d-a-thunk this is the kind of place you’d wake up in when opening the spirit-gate?   It’s Christian Dungeon and Dragons!   Except hardly a single thing so far has been Christian, right?  What exactly would you do if you were enjoying yourself on an island with a beached cruise ship that has gone off course with only a few survivors and possibly hordes and hordes of ill-willed man eating cannibals and crazy people?

What. Do. You. Do.

Call on your battalion of angels, of course!

Much unlike being trapped in some parallel universe where you have no hope but to be buffetted by demons and creatures, here there are limitless possibilities and the interface with the truth in the Bible and the Reality of the Spirit mean there is much that can be accomplished.

Already from the side of the beached cruise ship a darkness is emerging, and a scream  comes from within.

In your mind plans form.  How to deal and cope with things here?   You recall the words “The Keys Turned to Swords. . . Keyblades!”  And immediately two gigantic floating swords appear on either side of you.  As it turns out, you won’t even have to do a single thing.  The swords go flying forward into the beached ship, and the sound of screaming and pulsating anger and rage can be heard.  Out of curiousity mroe than anythign you pull yourself up using the rope Mercy had used earlier, onto the main deck and see the blood stained wood and railings as well as broken glass everywhere.  It is all eerily silent except for the occasional distant crash and scream echoing through the halls.  Walking down the series of stairs it is like a modern updated version of The Shining with the endless halls of hotel rooms, all carpeteted and yet much more claustraphobic.  Occasionally you come across a corpse, until at last there is some movement.  A wild eyed man comes charging down a hall at a juncture you’ve entered, and before he can get close he’s sliced in half by one of the swords.   Mercy at last appears behind you, startling you almost to death!

“I  told you. . . this place is fully turned to evil, let me take you to the places where there are still some survivors.  We’re much better off sinking this ship.  I can’t tell you the evil that has taken place here.”

“Yeah, I’ll say. . . well let’s find your friends you said who are still alive.”

“Send those sword things — man if I’d had those this would have been a different story.  Exactly where did you find those?  And you gotta tell me how you’re even here in the first place.”

“Sure, next time.  As you said, we are outta time.  I’ll tell you later, OK?”

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