A Giant World Before the Flood & Some Giantism After

GiantTurtle-frederic lucasGiantMenRenownIt says, “there were giants in the land”, but the poor people who only watch BBC or visit the Smithsonian museum or read the Huffington Post, will never know, because them media & Smithsonians are well-known to have covered it all up, and BBC still does! But giantism is a well known historical fact, and many of the fossils in the rock layers below our feet are filled with giant ante-diluvian creatures (flora and fauna) preserved  in coal layers for example. Saw that giant turtle? And look at this fossilised giant dragonfly wing below.


Why did the post-Flood ancients call their patriarchs “immortals” and “gods?” Well for one, they were most likely taller and smarter and stronger, and some even gigantic like Hercules, but also because they wouldn’t die as fast as their children’s grandchildren or lower.

The children would actually die before Great-Grandpa and the families of Shem, Ham & Yapheth, and so called them “immortals.” Of course they DID finally die! Like Noah died 350 years after the ± 2400 BC Deluge, at a ripe old age of 950 years old, but many of their shorter living offspring never saw that day!

ZeusThe Greek top-god Zeus –also called Mizraim or Osiris, the founder of Egypt still named “Misr” today! — was known to have finally died! His grave is recorded as being on the island of Crete. He is recorded in Islamic literature even to have died at the age of 700. Now whether we can totally trust Islamic literature is debatable, as they also say that “Jesus didn’t die on the cross and therefore was never resurrected.” So no salvation until they decide to believe He did. Because if Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, we are of all men most miserable. Pray for the poor puppies. But Genesis recorded Shem to have lived 600 years!

But here is an illustrated record of discovered — some rumored to be! — skeletons throughout history. The one on the right is huge, but that last hugest record is from Carthage over 2000 years ago, so whether its true size is reliable, is debatable. Mythology after all is embellished history, like when people report the size of the fish they caught! :) If you like to know more about the giant skeleton finds Smithsonian cover-up, click on the link “giants


But the quacademic gatekeeper Wicked Pedia says most ancient history is mythology, mostly a fabrication of the ancients who were “still such dumb evolutionary products” that they thought up their history as total fiction and a pure figment of their imagination, and if you believe it even half, as the great archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann did who discovered Troy as a result, then you are just “a miserable Euhemerist pseudo-historian” not fit to live.

It reminds me of that old blue grass song,

“The Devil don’t allow no dancing around here” and it continues..
“But we don’t care what the Devil don’t allow, we’ll do our dancing any ol’ how!”
Likewise we real historians can sing:
“Wicked Pedia don’t allow no Euhemerism around here,
but we don’t care what Wicked Pedia don’t allow,
we’ll do our Euhemerism, any ol’ how.”

Only Darwinist intimidated & propagandised people, afraid or too lazy to think for themselves or do their own research, are intimidated and dim enough to consult W.P! Are you? Hope not! And don’t use Google to find giants, because this is what you’ll find on their first page! Nothing!


Listen to this quote.. woe… these people really see a plot..



Also the more gigantic children of the Eight Flood survivors most likely stuck together as “giants of a feather” because they were so different from the midgets like us! And so like natural selection brings forth different Great Dane & tiny Chihuahua kinds of dogs, their children had more giant DNA and so were taller than Noah’s smaller offspring, and so these became the giant branch of humanity, like many of the Fomorian descendants of Cham, who were partly forefathers of the Irish, were giants!

Like this giant below, even taller than a train wagon, found last century in Antrim Northern Ireland, whose fossilised corps also got conveniently “disappeared” by British Quackademia! Of course! These blind leaders of the blind search the whole earth over for “neanderthalers” or “little lucy”, but these giant skeletons are too tall for them to see!



Giant building block in the Lebanese Beeka valley not used for a temple nearby. HOW did they move those?

They were probably also the builders of Ggantija on Malta, (hence the namesake) and other gigantic megalithic constructions like Stone Henge and the giant stones in Beeka Lebanon, or Canaan (namesake of Ham’s son Canaan forefather of the Phoenicians), from where they traveled to the rest of the world, like Ireland.

The annals of Clonmacnoise said that…

“these Ffomores were a sept descended from Cham the son of Noe that there lived by piracy and spoil of other nations and were in those days very troublesome to the whole world.”


But these giants went much farther than Ireland. Mainstream Academia would never confess it, because it would defeat Darwinism in a day. That is why they boycott them by saying that PRE-Columbian contacts with America were only had by the Vikings, but anybody else like Ham’s offspring and the Olmecs, is all based on “pseudo archaeology” and “fringe historians”, like me! :) But at least they still call us historians! :)PreColumbianWikilies

ColumbusNOTfirstBut regardless whether they call us that or not, it is a historical fact that Ham’s family branch giant children were among those first ones who crossed the oceans and inhabited the Americas! In North America they are euphemistically known as the “mound builders”, because most giant skeletons were buried in mounds. But in good ol’ Darwinian fashion, they purposely over-date them totally of course, making them look like improvements-on-the-caveman-stock, down to over 12.000 years BP (before present), to continue “the paraplegic paradigm for the intellectually paralysed.”

In America some of the publicly found skeletons and mummies they just refuse to DNA date., claiming ethnic reasons. Why? Because it may show that they lived recently, and would confuse the Darwinian “peace” (status quo) of false Academe! After all you can only find giant skeletons or their mummies in side show museums which are never given any scientific credence — of course.


But mainstream “historians” call them “proto-Indians”, ha! Anyway even when they found their skeletons they would turn them over to the Smithsonians, who conveniently would disappear them in their bone grinders or dump them from a ship overboard.


And if you ever wondered where the present day giants are, well just run a picture search on “Startpage” or “Duck Duck Go” and you’ll see plenty of giant children of normal people, but I wonder if you have ever heard of Big Foot? The Himalayan Jeti? — And the giants on the Marshall islands, on Easter Island, and other places, OR the giants in Patagonia seen by the explorers who rounded the strait of Magellan.

They are not all extinct you know, but they are severely degenerated living deep in the forests even of North America. Yes they are human, but they are surely devolved contrary to macro evolution which states that humans are getting smarter and better through non existent mutations.

Giant Tools

Of course the giant tribes couldn’t handle our present day small tiny little nail clippers and so they had their own giant tools and weapons! Huge battle axe found in Australia (Australia is known for archaeological cover-ups!) and the giant Minoan axes in Crete (Kreta)!



Of course also when giant skulls and skeletons are found, the uninformed and the disinformants or confusers, are quick to label it a “photoshop” hoax. Some may be, but most aren’t necessarily.

giants  giantskull GiantsReport1767

The word Nephilim does not appear in the Bible, nor any Hebrew pronunciation of any words translated in the Bible. But the word Nĕphiyl, pronounced Nepheel does in the first mention of Giants in Genesis6:4, and in Numbers 13:33 when describing the Giants of the promised land, Canaan.  These giants were apparently the original giants spawned by the giant angels who mated with human females.

There are also 22 individual Giants mentioned, by name, in the Bible:

  1. Adonizedec – King of Jerusalem 
  2. Agag – King of the Amalakites
  3. Ahiman
  4. Amalek
  5. Arba
  6. Beelesath 
  7. Gog and Magog
  8. Gogmagog
  9. Goliath
  10. Hoham – King of Hebron
  11. Horam – King of Gezer 
  12. Jabin – King of Hazor
  13. Jobab – King of Madon
  14. Lahmi
  15. Nimrod
  16. Og of Bashan
  17. Ogias – Og’s father
  18. Perizzites
  19. Sheshai
  20. Sihon – King of the Amorites
  21. Sippai
  22. Talmai
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