“Abiding in Christ” by Rufus Moseley

True religion is union and fellowship with God, a life of perfect love and blessed services, and a going on to perfection and to the dominion that Jesus had and revealed so completely He could say, “I and My Father are One, I always do the things that please Him, Follow Me, love as I love,” and “all power in heaven and on earth is given unto Me.” The union He was with the Father is the union that He has opened a way for us to have with Him. The perfect love that actuated His life is the love that He would have to dominate ours and the dominion that he exercised over matter as well as over all evil, devils, diseases, and even over death itself. It is the dominion that He is seeking to lead us on to. Even greater things than he did, He told His friends, they would do, because He was going to the Father. After this He was glorified and gave them the Holy Spirit and came and took up His abode within them. If they (and we) abide in Him, they would be enabled to do works even beyond what He had done while He was with them in the flesh.

Most Urgent Need

The most urgent needs of my own life since I received the baptism and gift of the Holy Ghost, and the Lord Jesus within have been to live in Him all the time and always go in love and to have and manifest nothing but the love spirit. In my last week’s article I referred to the experience of t he witness of the beginning or birth of perfect love that has pity and compassion rather than condemnation for all who are out of the way. This love desires, wills, and seeks to work good to all and evil to no one. Until this love is born and we die to that spirit and nature that is willing to work evil, one is not in the true way.

Last night the emphasis came with great clearness and also with hope of deeper and abiding union that the one thing above all others that the Holy Spirit wants us to pray for is abiding union with the living Christ.

During the week I had read the Quiet Time including the Finnish Gold Story by S.D. Gordon. This rare little book tells a miraculous story that caused Mr. Gordon to go to the scene of where it happened in Finland to verify it. He is fully convinced of its miraculous and inspired happening—the story of how a blessed and efficient Christian woman was led by the Spirit to pay a bill that was fraudulently inflated by a contractor. Short of a miracle of divine multiplication, the building fund for a chapel would go unpaid. Under the leadings of the Spirit and the presence of the Lord, the gold coins to be used for payment were actually multiplied and the bill met. The story is also rich in spiritual insight. One flash of this insight is that we should wait upon the Spirit to direct us what to pray for.

In the last week I also read the manuscript of a probable new chapter—to go into Frank Riale’s book, The Ministry of Christian Healing.   He closes the new chapter with this statement: “The indwelling of the Lord of the Spirit is the preventive as well as a redemptive medicine of Heaven for all the sins of the world.”

Last night, January 9, I felt especially impressed to ask the Spirit to put in my mind what prayer I could pray that would best please the Lord. The first thing that was given was to intercede in behalf of someone who is carrying a heavy load. This was followed with the force of divine urge and revelation to ask that I might abide in Christ always. Since then I have been almost blessed beyond thought how an abiding union with Christ is our one supreme need, and if we have this union, we will have everything else. The wonder of it increases. Through union with Him, everything is ours. Through union with Him we will desire just what we should have, and can have everything we ask for. Through union with Him, we have abundant life, health, joy, peace, and every good thing we can ask or think, and we have a great deal beyond what we have dared to ask or think. If we desire this union above all else and ask for it, all the worries, anxieties, false fears, and cares flee; the supply of all our needs are sure, and we are in the beginning of heaven on earth and heaven everywhere. We are also on the way to the throne with Christ.

Owe No Man Anything

Among the worthwhile things I have recently read is an editorial in the Pentecostal Evangel recommending the wisdom of the New Testament injunction to owe no many anything except to love him. The editor points out that much of the financial trouble that the children of God are having is due to their going in debt. He cites the case of George Muller who would not go in debt even for the Lord’s work, and who would not tell the people the needs of the many orphans for whom he built a great orphanages. He puts his needs to God and to God only, and God always supplied the needs.

The Right to Work

Among the other fine things that I have recently read have been articles from the Methodist, Catholic, and Jewish sources appealing for generosity and justice in dealing with a problem of unemployment and the depression that is being accelerated, if not caused, by the failure of the rich to provide work and purchasing power for the masses rather than to heap up excessive, unnecessary fortunes for themselves. The Central Conference of American Rabbis put itself on record as believing that the right to work and to be paid decently so that one can educate his children and lift the standard of living is one of the fundamental rights of man.

A Society of Love

As I understand Jesus, He would not force the rich to divide with the poor, neither would He seek to bring the Kingdom of God by force. But though enlightenment, love and the leadings of the Spirit He would teach all men the folly and wickedness of being selfish, and the wisdom, wonder, and blessedness of being loving, unselfish, and brotherly.

In His own practice He went beyond the early Christian fellowship that had all things in common among themselves. He made Himself the poorest of poor, that He might make everyone rich, and fed the hungry multitude before He fed His disciples. He told the rich young ruler, if he would be perfect to sell all that he had and give it not to Him and his disciples, but to the poor and thus lay up for himself treasures in heaven and to then follow Jesus. As His spirit increases, the kingdoms of this world will be leavened by the heavenly yeast of love and brotherhood towards the end of becoming wholly His.

The New Covenant

Since dictating the above I have twice, in little prayer groups, turned to the Spirit to direct my desires and prayers. The first time the clear leading was to be kept centered on Christ and for every thought, affection, and imagination that were not of Him and that lead the mind away from Him to go. The second time the leading was just as clear and authoritative to pray for Him to write His desires in our desires, His will in our wills, His nature in our nature, His mind in our mind, so that we would delight greatly and perpetually to think His thoughts and do His will. When this last desire and prayer came, for the reality and the experience of the new covenant, of which Jesus spoke (John 6: 45), by the Prophets (Isaiah 54: 13, Jeremiah 31: 31-34), and by the Apostle to the Hebrews (Chapters 8-10) there came the most satisfying and transforming unfolding, revelation, and experience that has come to me since the Lord Himself gave me the Holy Spirit and came within.

Turn to the Holy Spirit to direct and change your desires and to direct your prayers. This is the order of His recent leadings to me: First, the desire and prayer for perfect love; second, to abide in Christ all the time; third, for the desires and thoughts to go that keep the heart and mind from being centered on Him all the time; and fourth, for His desires and Mind and Will to be written in ours.”

  1. Rufus Moseley

January 18, 1931

Macon Telegraph and News

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