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I had this incredibly vivid dream of being at InfoWars Studios and watching the production of the live show.   There were all these places for people to come and sit and watch, and the studio itself was built beautifully with high wooden ceilings and logos rising up higher even than the real professional studio is.  Everything was so vivid and real and the people who worked there all seemed so real, I was surprised when I woke up.  During a break or after a segment Alex came and sat down where I was and listened to me talk to him for a while, after taking a picture together.  I told him how his show had saved me over and over through the years and how grateful I was, and that what he said about being a ‘civilization builder’’ yesterday had really stuck and resonated with me.   Then I asked him about how he stuck with mostly politics, maybe only 5 percent occult/spiritual presentation and mentioned maybe that’s to grow the audience bigger, and was interested in his opinion.   I hadn’t even begun to share everything with him when it was time for him to go live again, and they were doing some kind of a promo with a game.  Overall it was a very positive dream and I was amazed at the architecture of the whole studio, and proud to be there.  It has to be one of the most vivid dreams I have had in a while. 

Throughout the years I have had numerous dreams with InfoWars, many of which I believe were tactical dreams.  Tactical dreams are where you have contact with someone or something and it may be integral to what is happening there, either as a spirit traveling mission or just to pray for them.  In this case it felt like there was a league or alliance that was being made, and even though I didn’t mention SpiritWars to him I thought he was curious about who I was or what I represented.   The InfoWars people are committed and doing a very important thing, but where we are going with our show and alliances of Christians is perhaps more directly engaging with the Spirit, as I am about to interview Chris Carter

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