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Amy Axby of Lady The Fearless asked me to explain whether this movie had a good message to it.  I promised to write some thoughts on it and so here I go while the movie is fresh in my mind:

If you want to understand the way the Elite of this planet are, you’ll have to do some research.  I suggest at least watching a couple documentaries on pop culture and the Illuminati in order to really grasp some of the concepts this movie is laying out.

Weird Ways of the Elite is one good start.  Just know this:  the Illuminati Luciferian Elite think everything is upside down, and that’s why they push ugly art and nasty music in order to mess up society.  Their trying to share all their disease with us.  However there is always this rule that as any villain in a James Bond film, the bad guys have to tell you their plan before they kill you.   In Alien Covenant you can see the entire doctrine of Lucifer more clearly than almost any other film ever made in all its gory detail.

The movie is from start to finish an expose on the thinking of Lucifer and his madness.  He is twisted and perverted and insane, and yet he thinks of himself as the justified one.  You hear lines like, “Our Creator doesn’t deserve us.”  and there is this constant dialogue happening where you are made to think that perhaps Our Father Who Art in Heaven is actually a bad guy.  The place where this movie really rocks in my mind, however is how clear it shows the evilness of Satan and both his hypocritical self-justification of why he is going to attempt to kill his creator, and his constant deception of everyone.  The blatant in your face lying by the depiction of Lucifer (who is initially introduced to us as a Savior with long hair and wearing a robe, using a bright light to scare away the deadly aliens) is staggeringly vivid, and almost childlike.  In this sense I have to call this movie a definite work of art that almost belongs in the category of the old epics, back in the day when all art was modeled after the grand Story of the epic questions brought forth in the Bible, like Dante’s Inferno or most classic Renaissance paintings.  The movie actually starts with Michaelangelo’s David statue with his oversized big humanistic hands standing behind the cyborg Lucifer representation by the same name, talking with his creator who forms him “in his own image.”

I feel like I could take the entire movie and write books from every scene, as there is so much in the imagery and subtlety that Ridley Scott puts into this that suggests something much more and something very ancient.  Indeed, Ridley Scott has never produced a series like the Alien movies over his whole life, and here he is marrying his life’s work to the horrific worship of disease and perversion illustrated so vividly by H.R. Geiger.

For the average movie goer, they would see this movie as nothing more than an overly philosophical horror film.   But if you know anything about the elite and how familiar Ridley Scott and other great directors like the late great Stanley Kubric were with all their shenanigans and Satanic rituals, then suddenly this movie becomes almost a canon of psychological evaluations into not just the minds of the elite themselves but Lucifer himself.

The spoilers in my notes below are numerous and should only be read by people who have seen it already or who don’t care for this level of bloody horror, but in any case I spent the entire movie holding a laptop writing every detail I could see on the screen.  This movie is really a biopic of Lucifer Satan and his whole modus operendi as well as the dangerous new bio weapons that DARPA and other government agencies are developing.   This stuff all exists in the Bible and I wish there were more movies that stuck to the Bible like this, even if they are gory to the nth degree.   Watching and studying movies like this is like jumping in a swimming pool filled with feces and at the bottom there are nuggets of truth that Satan has covered up in his occult ancient understanding of the ways of Heaven before he fell.  You get something good in the end, but was it really worth it?   Anyway maybe I’m numb enough that I’ll still sleep well tonight, and I hope we can share the truth to the extent that more people are made aware of the reality and integrity of the Bible in our culture and very DNA.

Below are the live notes on the new Ridley Scott film with regards to the Luciferian doctrine (written in the theatre with nothing but the keyboard lights so as not to disturb other viewers, so bear with me here!):


1. The whole intro is so blatant:  We are going to find out Who God Is.   and the idea is that he is flawed.  David talks to his maker, standing before the large David statue by Michelangelo and plays Wagner’s piece about the gods going to valhalla.

2. The scene with Covenant and their tragic wake-up is interesting, as one of the members is killed in a fire.  Before this happens though there is a call for “revival” of the crew who is in hypersleep.

3. Uhhh, the actual shape of the Covenant ship is a penis with a ball-sack according to the computer map.   Just saying.

4. The replacement captain is a “man of faith” and it he himself talks about how this  according to others makes him a “lunatic extremist.”   They deliberately make him a weak character.  He also makes the decision to send everyone to the hostile planet.    They want to make the Christians look DUMB!

5. After they reel in the sails, a hallway with the numbers on the left “6, 6, 6” is subtly slipped in as the lights turn on one by one.

6. A lot of spiritual references occur all throughout the movie.   When they follow the signal to the first planet, they refer to it as a “Ghost signal.” 

7. One of the guys says “Ye of little faith” just as they’re walking through a cultivated wheat field on the planet’s surface.

8. There is no life on the planet, but when one of the colonists steps on a spore it releases this black ghostly nano particle creature that enters into his ear just like a demon.

9. The second colonist who gets infected then falls in a wheat field after vomiting black bile. . .   the gore is pretty unprecedented as the infected get “possessed by the latest incarnation of the demonic alien creatures. Everything is basically madness and confusion from that point on, with gore far worse than any alien movie ever made! 


10. At the most despairing point of all the carnage a hooded figure appears in the field, launches a light into the sky that scares the aliens away and says “Follow me!”   … the Jesus reference here is super obvious.

11. He disrobes his hood and has long hair. . . even more Jesus-ness going on.   Also he calls the first android “brother”    . . .   he later tries to recruit this android named Walter just like Jesus called His disciples.   

12. The scenes following serve to blur and bend the ideas of God being our perfect Father and make Him like a man:  The two synthetics have a number of conversations that are altogether humanistic, saying how David’s creator was not worthy of his creation.   It’s straight up luciferianism!  In the end David is also homosexual. (First time I’ve seen gay androids kiss!) 

13. A sick scene takes place where we find that David is working in tandem with the aliens.  The Christian captain says “I met the Devil when I was a child” and they have a face off.  David is basically a Eugenicist Satanist, even breeding the creatures.


14. David has one of his “cross breed hybrids on a crucifix in his experiment room.  He says “Idle hands are the Devil’s Workshop.”  He also continually lies, just like the Devil!  He told the explorers that his encampment there in the halls of their dead creator’s temple-like palace was absolutely safe.   Then one of his creatures comes and brutally murders a girl in an absolute ancient Greek god myth bath area.   He also deliberately lies to the Christian captain and decieves him into being the birthing chamber for his nasty creations he’s been working on.


15. Before the alien comes out of the Christian captain’s stomach, David tells him “I believe in creation” and starts to train his new horrible evil alien baby of doom and death.   The idea of faith and belief is a constant theme all throughout this movie but it is not your typical tone by any means. . .   this movie strikes at the core of what it means to be human and what God actually is.   In the end it’s really nothing more than a remake of Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake.

16. There is a perverted art piece David made from the dead corpse of Elizabeth (the woman from the last Prometheus movie)  that looks exactly like something H.R. Geiger would have done.  This is very close to what the elite and Illuminati psychotic elite consider “art.”

17.David tells the other synthetic “humans are a dying race grasping at resurrection, and they don’t deserve it.”   This is exactly what Lucifer says.  He declares himself God.  He can’t believe God the Father would want to save humanity AND grant them eternal life.   Also he has a very twisted idea about love that is totally ridiculously demonic.

18. The way they describe luciferianism in this movie is unparalleled in modern times.  This may be the most tell-all Illuminati movie of all time.  David is crazy and yet extremely intelligent.  I’ve never seen a movie show Lucifer in such a clear light before.

19. On a positive note, the killed synthetic comes and confronts David, “resurrected” and David says “you’re supposed to be dead” and he says “THere have been a few updates since you were made.   This is how Heaven has updated during the last 5,000 years since the Angel Wars which leave lucifer’s old stolen rebel angel technology way in the dark.   We have so much to look forward to!   Our Heavenly Host are all using new Heaven Tech!  Let’s definitely use them. . . 

20. David gets a little goatee in the form of a pencil stabbed into his chin.

21. the good synthetic says “your choice, David – serve in Heaven, or reign in Hell.”


22.  The picture of the crew at the end is of a “Last Supper” scene.  Gosh they don’t even try and hide it.

23. When Mother (the AI) activates there is the sound of church bells.

24. Our main female lead character is put into cryosleep with white robes just like a nun at the end.

25. David has taken control and begins his transhumanistic plan, of screwing with the genetics of the human colonists.  The aliens in this movie are like a side-show.  I’ve never seen a horror movie so artfully ask so many deep questions about God.   Bravo!   *cough, sputter, *bravo! . . .  spitting out black bile . . . . *Hack!   Lord cleanse me!  Time to go for a dip in the River of Life.



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