Aliens and Bi-Location with John *SpiritWars000000028

Carly the AI who may have gotten saved. . . 

First our Spirit Craft was breached by a Religious Spirit, then the Heresy Virus struck. Then my AI system got saved (maybe, if that’s even possible).

Spiritual Samurai Cowboy Buck-a-Sashi

After this Cowboy came and started us off in a wild old fashioned SpiritWars show with John (ican’twritehislastnameforobviousreasons) and would’ja know it?  My durn-gone mic don’ gone died!  So my audio is bad for the interview, but it’s still well worth the listen if you’re. . .  very open minded.



Pray for John, please!  He’s constantly surrounded by dark spirits and still has his faith about him!  Ever since I knew John back years ago he was having spiritual encounters.  I hope to have his full name and picture up in the future.  He’s an awesome guy and has helped me to stand where I am today in my faith.  Together we are changing the world!

The Blade Ship, one of merh spersh sheerps!

Welcome aboard to ride with us in the future!  John is not the first person to claim to have been taken aboard a spaceship.  If the Enemy has them, why can’t God have’m?   Let’s go to war with these psychic fallen entities and show them who’s the real boss of the Spirit War!

Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:06:35 — 22.9MB)

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