I’ve heard that the Trump speeches are mainly aimed at the mainstream populace, but that it’s a very sophisticated war going on underneath with all the Illuminati Satanist Pedophiles, etc.   Pray!

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  1. which would serve the purpose of declaring a national state of emergency / martial law (just like FDR if there’s a war civil or otherwise ….) wherein the elite could keep their present puppet in and put the FEMA camps to use. On another note, If you choose to do so, you can email me at
    By the way much as many love the KJV I’m not sure if they realise it’s a RC (King James was an RC) authorised version (that’s why it’s called Authorised Version).
    Myself ever since I found first, the Hebraic Roots Bible – A Literal Translation from congregation of YHWH website cofywhwh, and secondly the Aleph Tav Cepher bible from WND website I’ve mainly used them and actuallly found them to be more beneficial to study.
    Here’s an example, in a YT video by Henemia Gordon – former Pharisaical rabbi – a Chrsitan asked him if he could explain why in Matt.23 Jesus contradicts His position in all the previous chapters, by telling the disciples to obey the pronouncements of the Pharisees because they claim to sit in the seat of Moses thus with Moses’ authority. (Pope stole that one with the idea of his special chair, and speaking as ex cathedra making him Vicar of Christ – in place of Christ on earth-). Henemia looked at the Greek from which the Engllish was translated and found no discrepancy. He found a Hebrew Matthew and was able to resolve it immediately – the translator from Hebrew to Greek wasn’t “expert” and mistranslated ONE WORD which makes a huge difference. That word was translated they (Pharisees) instead of he (Moses) ie “whatever he (Moses) tells you to do then do but do not do as they (Pharisees) do”


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