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​By Steve Harmon
The other day I posted something related to this topic. For years I’ve seen Facebook teachers and big ministry teachers attack believers in a way to delegitimize the way one is doing ministry. It blows my mind how some of these well educated and what appears to be, mature believers, who talk about love and identity, come after other believers in such a cutting way to discourage them from their approach to ministry just so they will see it the way they do.
Let’s just ask the question. Is going after the methods of Christians who seek to set the captives free and destroying the work of the devil really the big problem today??? OF COURSE NOT!! It’s Christians who sit around and DO NOTHING!!!!! They literally do nothing for the Kingdom of God except sit behind their computer and criticize Christians that are and talk about their grand epiphanies on God and how they think He works in their inactive Christianity. They could care less to lift a finger for the less fortunate except maybe give the occasional 5 bucks to the local homeless person. They punch in and punch out to church, go back home to their job, ignore the broken and suffering people around them, working on their American Dream, nice house, nice car, nice family, while the whole world literally is dying from lack of love, broken families, and sickness an disease. The non-believer could care less about your elevated view on God if they don’t see God working through you. Maybe that’s why Jesus gave us the model to be a city on a hill for all to see.
I remember writing something a few years back on guy who basically spends all his Youtube videos poking fun at Christians who ‘DO’ things for the kingdom, while telling everybody that “It is Finished” so we don’t need to do anything anymore like healing the sick and ministering the Kingdom. When it comes down to it, the enemy is about getting the believer to sit back and do nothing while they can run the show. My message has always been the same. Read the scriptures. Do what Jesus did and modeled. You’ll find who you are in Christ and discover the love of God by simply following His example. The world needs a savior and needs healing. They won’t find that when the church does nothing, while sitting back in their church talking about their identity in Christ and what God has given them, and blah blah blah.. I want to do something with what God has given me, not just simply know about what God has given me.

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  1. A very revealing and truthful post there. I admit I have gotten caught up in gossip before after being involved in certain Christian fellowships, gossip starts very slowly and innocently, and before you know it; your destroying lives. A few years ago I realized I had a major problem with gossip, however the Lord has helped me to discard this sin. You need to be careful where and who you fellowship with, if the fellowship revolves around gossip and tearing people down (which unfortunately is a regular occurrence at many churches these days), you need to move on and find graceful fellowship elsewhere. People don’t realize how bad gossip can be, people may commit suicide due to your gossip and verbal persecution; that constitutes murder. Gossip is in many respects akin to murder and can lead to the death of others. I think there’s a lot of truth in what your saying here Michael and I appreciate the post, I think many people will learn from it.

  2. Why do people do this?
    It is my belief that this is a symptom of a deeper sickness with roots based at least in fear, shame, and prideful judgement. The inward being reflected outward as a means of control and misdirection (from themselves). Propaganda and programming play a heavy role; those who conform the most are put on a pedestal , while those who retain their soul, resist the programming, and seek unadulterated truth are labeled the enemy.
    The world is full of this and if you refuse to conform to the herd you will trigger a fear based response and be scorned, hated and rejected; just like our most beloved black sheep. – Jesus, who fearlessly called it out. (Mary had a little lamb anyone)
    I was raised a jw, so I’ve dealt with, studied, and challenged this filth a good portion of my life.
    A good and true leader will never permit this and even if a brother or sister actually falls to the enemy it’s our job to love them and nurse them back to spiritual health (not talk sh-t), thus snatching them from the flames. Humility is key for we all are fallen and judgmental scorn is always counterproductive. If they are weak it only drives them further into the darkness.
    This takes strength, faith, awareness, dedication, and time. I’ve seen this work many times and as stated love is the answer, as usual. Think of Hosea. Hope I didn’t get off topic too far.

    1. Thanks for your comment Zach. You know I recently read a news article where a girl committed suicide, because people put her down because of her weight. Its a learning process for many to learn the values you were brought up with. Thanks for sharing your ideas Zach Im sure people are going to learn a lot from what you’ve expressed.

        1. I don’t know much, myself – I rely heavily on other people who are researching and pushing into the NEW! Frankly my sieve has always been the MO Letters and that has been a very very very wide spectrum, in all honesty. Alex Jones, Praying Medic, Ian Clayton, and others are some of the people that the Family introduced me to. I wonder who the next people are who are out there climbing out of the foxholes and charging at the Enemy? I support all these people and get some flak from my brethren but it’s only a matter of time before the Son of Rigtheousness arises and corrects all our visions to what the full truth is! The SIMPLE TRUTH!

          1. King David had the right idea, he didn’t always see eye to eye with King Saul but he still regarded King Saul as God’s anointed king. Somewhere down the line we’ve all received God’s anointing and we should all respect the anointing of God and each other. Every one of us has to live and learn and the last thing that we should ever do is lock horns with each other. King David was once in the back of a cave with his army of men, as I remember the story King Saul stood in the entrance of that cave and he didn’t know that David was way back in that cave somewhere with his men, David’s men had urged him on to kill Saul but David didn’t do this, instead he cut off the corner of King Saul’s garment, Saul eventually went his way and then David cried out to him with the piece of garment in hand telling Saul that he could have killed him but he simply meant him no harm, at that point Saul shouted back to David favourably and they departed good friends although they no-doubt still had their difference so it’s best to live and let live as they did and give others growing space and to not lock horns.


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