As the world gets worse and worse, the Lord is bringing us closer and closer to Heaven in spirit!

To the Heavenly Life!
39. In this next message the Lord explains that it’s impossible for us to completely “attain” in the goals He’s set before us, because they’re from the Heavenly realm–and we’re still here on Earth, in the physical, carnal dimension. But each time we take a step of obedience we’re partaking more and more of the Heavenly life. Isn’t that beautiful?

40. (Jesus speaking:) All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, and there is none righteous, no, not one. The only righteous­ness a man has is that righteousness which I have put within--the righteousness of love, My Spirit, My truth.
41. You're not capable of attaining all the things of the spirit and of the Heavenly realm, but I've given many of them to you so that you can have a taste of My Spirit, a taste of My love, and a taste of the life to come--the life where all is peace and harmony, love and contentment.
42. Many times following these things that I've laid out for you is a struggle, because you're still in the flesh, and the flesh wars against the spirit. Your pride fights hard against letting Me have full control, your independence fights com­plete yielded­ness to Me, and your carnal mind fights against simple childlike faith. This is the struggle you have to endure during these days--to continually let My Spirit reign in your heart.
43. But as you try to live the Words that I've poured out to you--the instruction, the guidance, the counsel--as you try to uphold these things that I've shown you to uphold, as you work to live the life of the spirit, you gain more of My Spirit and more of the Heavenly life. No, you don't attain the complete fullness of that Heavenly life, but you attain a measure of it, and this measure brings you happi­ness, joy, peace, calmness and longsuffering. It brings forth goodness. It brings forth the fruits of the Spirit, the fruits of the spiritual life.
44. Yet it's impossible to attain to its fullness, its totality, until you pass on over, shedding the life of the flesh and living in the life of the spirit. So don't feel bad or condemned when you don't attain the full spiritual life, but rather rejoice that you've attained a large measure--much larger than most.
45. The goal is not to attain perfection. For even if you follow every rule, every jot and tittle, every iota of the law, you don't attain the full spiritual life, for it is unattainable in the flesh. But the goals that I've laid down for you and the new weapons I've given to you can help you to attain a large portion of the life of the spirit.
46. Therefore rejoice that I've given these things to you, and use them to pull down much of My Spirit, many of the attributes of the spiritual life. But don't feel condemned that you can't attain them all, for that's impossible. You must see that I don't expect you to attain perfection, but I do wish for you to partake of as much of the life of the spirit as possible so that you'll be connected to Me and to My Spirit and to the things of the spirit and the people of the spirit.
47. Thus you can become more spiritual, more mightily used of Me. For you are My vessels--vessels of My love and vessels of My Spirit, vessels of the life of the spirit--whom I use to portray this life to others. So continue to yield to Me and work toward attaining more and more of My Spirit through obedience to My Word, through doing those things that I say to do. Continue to press toward the mark of the high calling I have set before you, even though you may stumble or fall sometimes.
48. Just do your best, give it your all, and work toward the goals. Daily take the steps that I place before you, and know that each step you take, each wise decision that you let Me make for you, each prayer, each praise, each time you use the new weapons--all of this brings you closer to the life of the spirit. (End of mess­age from Jesus.)
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