Awesome Prophecies for the Spiritual Warrior

Use your spiritual weapons to the full. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the norm and use the wild and radical keys and the interesting spirit helpers I’ve given you, and you will get radical and interesting answers that will be perfect for your situation.
Don’t forget to call on the more radical keys, the out-of-the-box-faith type of keys, both for your sake, to give you variety and to stretch your faith, as well as for My sake, so that I can do radical things in answer to your prayers.
Your times of prayer can be a thrilling spiritual experience if you let Me come into these times more fully. Grab hold of the keys, take a personal interest in the spirit helper you’re calling on, so that you connect with them, and pray. If you will let go of your earthly bounds and jump on to My spiritual wave, you will find prayer a fantastic ride! You won’t only get things done through prayer, but you’ll enjoy the ride getting there!

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  1. Hi GBY, Glad to know that everything is fine, got me to my knees with that speech about being in physical and spiritual trouble (the electric devices being overtaken)etc. Receiving go to the Blog. This is relief from the 5t dimension to all the spiritual warriors for God and Goodness.


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