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Isamu Jericho Marching my old Nemesis, Ushiku Daibutsu recently in style!

After many long lonely but spirit-charged days wandering Tokyo and encountering so many supernatural miracles, I found myself standing in a place that defied all logic.  A homeschooling missionary home filled with English speaking families resembling my cousins and siblings.   I mean, it was all there – the sense of love, humility and humor all mixed together and I just had to say ‘this is my family’ to myself almost immediately.  Of course having a brain that had been innundated with so many Christian teachings up until then, I was mentally sceptical.   Isamu, who later became a leader in the Family (Regional Shepherd) was the first guy to introduce me to the formal group right then in 2004.  Ai accompanied me, of course and we had a nice chance to encounter one of their English Bible studies.  They played the latest song, “Beautiful”   (Track 9) and Ai made fun of me for looking all emotional…  I mean, something about the music just touched me, as cheezy as the song was.   I felt the passion of people reaching out to share God’s love, and even having the audacity of using God’s own Son Jesus’s voice spoken in prophecy to do that!  Make a long story short, the next few months in Japan had me pouring through their materials.  My Rotary Club friends took me on a 2 day trip to Kyoto during which time I was able to study through some of The Book of the Future  to which I still refer this day for the undersanding of the Timeline of Revelation. The artwork at the end of the book filled me with curiosity as to what other things Ai’s mysterious occult (as in hidden) Christian group had uncovered in their years of off-the-grid missionary adventures.  I didn’t have time to research thoroughly though as life was racing forward, and my delightful sweet Japanese friends were adamant that we saw as many temples in Kyoto as you possibly could within 1 day.



That trip to Kyoto tested me as there was some major demonic attacks going on around that family, who as kind as they were, definitely had some connection to very old and very dark Japanese spirits.   Not having slept the night before, there was a moment at Kiyomizudera 清水寺 where I literally felt like I was going to die.   Perhaps this was the first test of really going into this new realm of spiritual warfare unleashed, and God was allowing it to make me stronger for what was to come.   Later on when I would make the descision to join The Family Ai would tell me – ‘you don’t know what you’re getting into, you’re going to change completely, it’s an army life–‘ and she was right!  But in my experience, rather than being subject to the pure army life of a missionary group, I was bringing my own family background and these connections to Japan into the whole mix.   Right there at Kiyomizudera, little did I know that this was a place of descision that in the old days you would jump off the high ledge of the temple and if you survived one wish would be granted to you.  They had a saying “To jump off the stage at Kiyomizu” which was the English equivilent of “To take the plunge.”  I was at the same time reading The Book of the Future and starting to wrestle with some of their concepts, such as just the overall idea that Russia would ever be able to defeat the US and be a possible AntiChrist figure.   Now it almost seems a much more likely scenario although back then it was hard to swallow.

Like many things that have taken place throughout this wild adventure, only in retrospect do things begin to make sense.  You’re going through life, just praying and asking God to be with you and to own your life, and the great thing is that He really does use you and put you into these positions where you can make a difference, often times the key thing is just being there, even if you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time.  You can be the RIGHT person at the wrong place and the wrong time!

Having the backdrop of Japan and learning all about their culture/language/living with Japanese families was an excellent way to get untethered from the Churchianity System of mind control I had been raised under to some extent.   This was also the perfect place to see the Family in a pure light and not just as another cult or a bunch of psychos.  They were just as weird as I was, and walking by faith and getting a whole lot done by their unity and following these strange collections of “MO Letters” (of which the Book of the Future was a compilation).  I could sense the strength of spirit and unity and most of all an all-pervasive feeling of love that just attracted me so strongly.

To this day, even with the destruction of the group, there is still such a feeling of comradre and ‘yeah, you’re my brother-from-another-mother’ going on whenever you find someone who even has a shred of faith left.

To get back to Japan again, though, it’s interesting how all points connected.  There I was thinking Japan was my whole destiny, and not having a clue what God was going to do with me there.   The future was to lead to some very different directions but Japan really christened and blessed the entire journey.  The Rotary Club in Ushiku City, the Jesuit Sophia University in Tokyo, and this wild Missionary group all coming together made the perfect storm for this wandering rogue Christian from the burnt-out wasteland of the former Discipleship Movement known as Covenant.  Be careful if you continue to read this story!   It may bring a flurry of spiritual activity into your own life, and you may end up changing.

One reason the picture of Isamu I’m including here with him in front of the Ushiku Daibutsu speaks a lot to me is that when I first went to Japan in 2001, I had a moment where, standing before this largest of all idols in the entire world, my Japanese family friends The Nakagawas were motioning for me to put a donation in the box.  Having been a new Christian at the time and just read the part where Paul explains ‘don’t eat the food sacrificed to idols FOR THEIR SAKE’ and yet still not wanting to offend my friends, it was right at that moment God saved me.   I opened my wallet and at that split second a gust of wind blew a piece of paper that was entitled “God’s Plan” by Glenn Clark (who I later found out my own father was named after) went flying out and no matter how fast I ran after it, it would just keep blowing.   I realized at that moment that I was chasing “God’s Plan” away from the biggest idol on the planet.  OK, it may not be as tall as the Buddha in Hunan province in China, but this is the biggest idol that is in active use as a place of worship.  China doesn’t allow real spiritual worship to take place and its got a darkness all its own which I will describe in later chapters.  But in Japan, and likewise Taiwan you can feel the deep despair of this spirit which is all pervasive among those who have given themselves into its philosophy of neither joy or sorrow.


Just to give you an idea of how big that monster was, it literally makes you shudder in horror when you’re driving up to it, due to its impossible size!  Below I will  share God’s Divine Plan, which was given to me by a sweet elderly lady in our church in Naples Florida earlier that year (who could have never known my own father was named after Glenn Clark!).  Later i would find out that Jeff Hutchins, my good friend in Tokyo had been to that same church on Easter Sunday but we had somehow missed each other.  All these details seem unnecessary but to me they are further confirmation of God’s hand leading me.  It’s also important to record this because of the extreme antagonism surrounding The Family from virtually all establishment church Christians and the media.  I will continue to share more impossible miracles that took place in the years that followed in the following installments!

Later I found out why this idol isn’t famous — it’s an embarassing case of corrupt money needing to be dumped somewhere really fast by a Japanese company!  What a symbol of empty man’s religions that don’t lead people to the truth.


The Divine Plan: by Glenn Clark

The germ of this Plan was planted as a seed one spring, and has been growing and unfolding ever since…Transplant it into the garden of your heart by daily reading and meditation and it will grow and bear fruit, and great will be the fruit thereof. – Glenn Clark

I believe that God has a Divine Plan for me. I believe that this Plan is wrapped in the folds of my Being, even as the oak is wrapped in the acorn and the rose is wrapped in the bud. I believe that this Plan is permanent, indestructible and perfect, free from all that is essentially bad. Whatever comes into my life that is negative is not a part of this God-created Plan, but is a distortion caused by my failure to harmonize myself with the Plan as God has made it. I believe that this Plan is Divine, and when I relax myself completely to it, it will manifest completely and perfectly through me. I can always tell when I am completely relaxed to the Divine Plan by the inner peace that comes to me. This inner peace brings a joyous, creative urge that leads me into activities that unfold the Plan, or it brings a patience and a stillness that allow others to unfold the Plan to me.

I believe that this beautiful Divine Plan for me is a perfect part of the larger Pattern for the good of all, not something separate unto me alone. I believe that it has ramifications and interweavings that reach out through all the persons I meet and all the events that come to me, and that the best way to put myself in harmony with the Divine plan that is within myself is to accept with radiant acquiescence all the individuals and events that are drawn to me, seeing in them perfect instruments for the perfect unfoldment of my perfect Plan. In other words, I believe that to see harmony in that which is without brings harmony in that which is within, even as to see harmony in that which is within brings harmony in that which is without.

I believe that God has selected those persons who are to belong to my plan, and that through proximity, mutual attraction or need, they and I are continually finding each other out. I believe in praying for ever-increasing capacity to love and serve them and for greater worthiness to be loved and served by them in return. I believe in sending out a prayer to the Father to draw to me those who are meant to help me and to be helped by me, in order to express my life together with them.

I believe in asking my Heavenly Father for only that which is mine to have, knowing that when the right time has come it will be made manifest. This enables me to look forward to receiving only those things which are mine according to the Providential Plan. It releases my mind from all anxiety and uncertainty. It eliminates fear, jealousy, and anger. It gives me courage and faith to do the things that are mine to do. When my mind is attuned to the things that are mine, I become free from greed, passion, impure thoughts and deeds; but when I look without or watch others to see what they are or are not receiving, I cut myself off from my own source of supply and minimize my power to receive.

I believe that the gifts of God are many thousands of times greater than I am now capable of receiving, and that I should therefore pray to increase my capacity both to receive and to give, for my power to receive is as great as my power to give, and my power to give as to receive. Gifts of God always bring peace, contentment and joy, and therefore anything in which I find a natural harmony and peace and which does not interfere with anyone else’s natural expression of life belong to me, and any work for which I feel a natural call, by gift or inclination, is mine to do. When I am attuned to that which is mine I find no barrier in God’s Kingdom, hence I accept none.

I believe that God’s Plan for life is a healthy, happy expression for the good of all, and that everything that makes me feel happy to do will bring happiness to others. Therefore, when I am hindered from doing the thing that I want to do, I believe that God has closed the door only to open another, and that upon every closed door there is a sign pointing to a better and larger door just ahead. My disappointments, therefore, become His appointments. If I do not readily see the door just ahead, I believe that it is because there is some blindness, deafness or disobedience within my life that walls me off from God, and that God is using the resulting trouble or failure to help me find the inspiration and the guidance and the power to help me overcome it so that I may see the right door.

I believe that the chief essential of life is to keep in touch with the Father, and let the Divinity that is in me manifest through me. I believe that the whole world about me is full of beauty, joy and power, even as it is full of God, and that I can share it and enjoy it if I attune myself to my Divine Plan and am inwardly open toward God and outwardly helpful toward men. I shall ask my heavenly Father and Friend, who dwells within me and who has given me this vision of life, to give me His help in its realization and to help me share it with others that it may bring peace and happiness to many.

The Bride VS. The Idolotry of Asia!   WHO DO YOU THINK WILL WIN?
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  1. Wow Michael, I do enjoy reading about your spiritual journey. I believe in God but in the last few years through my own adversities I have faltered in my faith thus I appreciate your journey as it encourages me in mine. The excerpt you have included by Glenn Clark is very powerful and I am actually going to print it and read for inspiration. I believe this is exactly how we should model our faith and view God’s ultimate plan both now and in the future. Thank you for sharing. Renee

  2. I too liked Blenn’s outlook. I would say one thing tho’ – that in His plan, God does allow the negative, the trials, tribulations, etc to purify us as the scripture says, “that like god refined by fire, the impurities / dross will be removed to leave just the pure gold”. Yeshua said “in this world you shall have tirbulation” and ” the servant is not greater than the Master, if they’ve persecuted Me so shall they persecute you also”, and Paul listed in Corinthians, all the trials & tribulations he’d endured. We are told though that even when we’re hauled up before judges to take no thought as to what we should say for in that moment the Holy Spirit will give us the utterance. That reminds me of a story by Corrie Ten Boom. Altho’ your grandpa Mike, would’ve been familiar with this, I’m not sure you are. She tells the story of her family in WWII Holland, sheltering families of Jews from the Nazis. One day she asked her dad, as a little girl, “daddy what happens if the Nazis find out, what will they do to us?”. Her dad replied, “When we go to take the train from here to Amsterdam, when do I give you your ticket?”. She replied he gave it to her just before boarding the train. He then said, that in like manner whatever we need at the moment of our trial or tribulation that may come, that God would give us what we need to go on that journey. Those words she held dear, when they were found out, captured by the Nazis, and sent to concentration camps. Her whole family died in Auschwitz and Buchenwald ( or maybe it was Ravensbruck). She barely survived, but did so because God sustained her to share how He brought her through “hell on earth”.

    1. Wow well the Enemy is vicious and a scumbag but glad that’s the worst he can do — meanwhile if we endure with Jesus we will win everything, we will get to be the inheritors of this woorld! Praise God for His unspeakable gift! Praying for your wife, brother!


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