Become a Samas Aran of the Spirit! (hot!)

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Become a Samas Aran of the Spirit! (hot!)
“But still… I do have much affection for the Zero-Suit Samus from Brawl, even though it isn’t an official entry in the Metroid games, and even though I’m not a fan of that hairdo (as you may have gathered from reading this article). It’d be nice to think that this version of Samus is somewhere out there amongst the stars…”
I do recommend the above article, just copy and paste the link.
What is it about Samus?   She’s the quintessential warrior-babe.  All those aerobics didn’t detract from her sexy figure one bit!  In fact, something about the fact that she is hidden within that Varia Suit (there are many versions, I have only played up through Super Metroid)  makes her even more alluring.  She is a surprise!
What is Samus of the Spirit?   She is what all Christians as disciples can become if they are willing to forsake all, drop out of their churchy-mindedness and let go!   Come away with the Lord and do battle with the Enemy, the sexy way!   Why a bride and not a man-warrior?   Because Jesus is the MAN!   He must increase, you must decrease.   And as a bride, you always promote your Husband.   Sure, He’s got knights, and He’s got vassals, and servants, and He even has an old wife, the old church system.  But that wife doesn’t love Him very much, certainly not enough to have sex with Him.   So if you want to join the ranks of the NEW Revolution, say YES today. . .   to a much more intimate and satisfying love relationship with the Lord!
You will be given the most powerful weaponry available, namely, the New Weapons of the Spirit:   Loving Jesus, Keys of the Kingdom, the ability to communicate with your fellow Warrior Angels and Spirit Helpers, Prophecy, The Weapon of Praise, and the gift of Increased Faith, the ability to Rise Above, The Weapon of Brotherhood, the Mantle of Humility, and perhaps many other weapons that have not been revealed yet!
The above article and quote voice the deepest desire of any video game fan, manga nerd, and computer geek out there (Those who shall rule the Earth one day!  Bwa ha ha!)   That of the Impossible becoming possible.  Infinite Possibility exists in the digital world and anime world, even beyond what Hollywood has offered.   I think they recognise that, and I think they are reaching for that world.  Even if it’s only a dream now, still it’s a dream.   Well I’m here to tell you that ‘nothing is impossible with God’ and that if you’re serious about your dreams, you will see them fulfilled in the Kingdom of Heaven.  That Kingdom exists within you. . .   it’s not at church.   YOU will become Samus Aran as you accept a total intimate union with the Lord, and begin to drink in His Word.   Just step out by faith, and try it!   Somewhere in this blog’s Weapon Armory are the Loving Jesus revelation GN’s.   You can research this for yourself and if you have the faith for it, it’s for you.
One reason I think this revelation is important is that it seriously humbles you.  It seperates the men from the. . .  well, ah, the girls.   But is a spiritual transition, and one that absolutely kills your pride.   Still, it is something that I think was neglected for the most part by those who received this revelation.   It’s been sitting on the shelf there.   i know of no place on the Internet that even puts this topic up for discussion, or is interested.  Anyway, that is no big deal.   Even if there were only one Samus, the Space Pirates would still be in danger!   But imagine the fear of the Enemy in the world if there were many Samuses running around, with all their weapons, dismantling the demonic kingdom wherever they went!
That would be the day.    Well it may be the day today.   It’s almost 2012, and it’s time for the crazy stuff to start happening.   get busy, get read-up on the subject, and get out there and FIGHT!  And LOVE JESUS!


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