Behold, how I love you!

. Behold, I stand at the door of your heart, and I long to come in and love you, even as a lover standeth before the door of her groom and longeth for him to open it. It is the hand of faith–your faith in My love–that must open that door, for because of your unbelief the door openeth not.  Therefore be not faithless, but believe, so that I may enter, so that I may fill you with My love.
    30. For I would that ye partake of My love in greater measure.  My love is like a river that floweth abundantly: It never runs dry, and each of you may receive to your capacity. Each one may receive individually, according to your need.


    31. Fear not that it will be used up, for My love is never used up. Fear not that you will lose it, for My love is never lost.  Fear not that you will be unworthy,  for My love is not earned, it is received.  Behold, how I love you!–You–just you, just the way you are.  Yes, I know your faults. Yes, I know your weaknesses.  I see when you stumble and fall, but that does not alter My love for you.
    32. Does the love of the parent for his child lessen when the child doth fall?  It is but increased, for he doth take that child into his arms and love it more than ever, and care for it more tenderly. Even so is My love for you, for you are the apple of Mine eye. I have many eyes, and each of you is the apple of one of Mine eyes. Therefore believe in My love! Believe and receive! Stretch out the hand of faith! Refuse Me not!
    33. Be ye channels of My love, one unto another. For I long to manifest Myself through you, one to another.  Be empty vessels that I may fill, that may overflow upon each other, that you may feel My love shining through, one towards another, bountifully.  Fear not to give love, for in giving ye shall receive.  Fear not the opinions of man, but be ye channels of My love, recipients of My love, that the Scripture may be fulfilled that sayeth, “Let all your things be done in love”–My love.
    34. Then shall ye know how much I love you, and how I have ordained each of your steps, and that every movement that you make is known of Me.  Be not faithless, but believing.  Be ye samples of My love one to another and ye shall overflow, for My love is without end and is forever

(I Love You!–Just You! [#2985])

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