Christian Mystics and Trump Entering the Fringe!

After a conversation with the Praying Medic just days before the crucial election, we came down to an equally crucial conclusion: that God is doing stuff with Christians today in the Spirit that is just as important as what’s happening with politics.  A lot of people freak out when they hear some of the words of the so-called “mystics,” decrying “NEW AGER!” and “HERETIC!” and whatnot.  Well I’m pretty sure they would’ve said the same thing to Jesus when He showed up if they were super ultra patriotic Jewish zealots!

Out here on the Fringes of Christianity, I’ve seen a shape like a circle with various names like Jerry Lee Manifester Yada, LA Marzulli, and such shows as Future Quake, the Iron Show and Alex Jones’s show making up a very broad line on the borders of the frontier of all we know.  Of course the real New Agers are even further out, believing anything you tell them, i.e. Flat Earth Theory (which I totally do not agree with).  The outer frontier is made up of those who do profess the Lord as coming in the flesh.  Besides this, the Bible offers us a humungous window of freedom.


This is a different day.  You don’t have to be a genius that the gentleman we now have in the White House is much more than an InfoWars patriot.  He’s someone that numerous people who are in the Mystic community have been having tons of revelatory dreams about.  He may not even be a Christian but to me that doesn’t matter.  Everybody and their brother who knows anything about what’s going on realises that this is the time where the Main Stream Media is collapsing and something completely new is arising.  This is the time when all those “conspiracy” researchers who have been going on and on about MK-Ultra this and Satanic Abuse Victim that are seriously needed to stand up into their destiny and take authority over what is rightfully ours.  Jesus is coming back but we are the Bride and the world actually belongs to us.  Let’s start acting like it!  Trump doesn’t mean Trump, he means us and what God is going to do through us.  It’s time to climb out of the nuclear fall-out bunker and start moving into position, led by the Holy Spirit and see what fireworks result as even MORE establishment garbage falls.  We need to see Christians operating in high gear and going on full offensive assault against the systems of this world in the realms of education, pharmaceutical industry, media, politics, historical research, and you name it!   And this goes for future Christians, too!  We may be operating with tons of people who are not yet professing Christians because they’ve seen such dandy bad examples in the corrupt Church System.  Well, they’ll eventually become Christians and meanwhile we can also fire some shots at the disgusting abortion-supporting, gay-marraige promoting dead Churchianity System!

In essence, we are seeing the fall of Churchianity and the rise of Fringianity.

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