Bride Prayer and Proph, Sweet Susie!

{!} means miraculously confirmed soon after receiving prophecy
Bride: Jesus here I am! Give me Your boost! Take me into Your Courts to abide with You in peace and receive You there. I am dirty and bruised, confused and battle weary. Cast down and alone- but I plead for Your mercy this day! Lord I know that in me no good thing dwells. Aside from You I am just so empty. I can’t stay here any longer without being overrun. I ask for Your love and Your grace to please come and fully take me into Your realm. {!{Your house}!} is beautiful! I don’t have {!{any home.}!} PLease open the doors to me! I take the plunge, the wild transition to being Your bride. If you feel lonely, I’d love to comfort You!
I do, and {!}(ML3558:88) {!{I want you!}!} And I have no {!{home}!} on earth, either. Can I {!{make you my home?}!} I want to come inside you, My lover! Give me access! I can only do it if you’ll allow.
You have grown to trust that I do all things well. You are growing in trust that I made you just the way I want you, even with just the right body and weaknesses to house your beautiful spirit for the mission I have called you to. You are learning that the tests and the breakings are for your good and have only benefited you. You are learning to run to My arms in times of need.

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