Brutus Albion on Enoch – An Eccentric Journey!

After Ginny and I went into the lands of Enoch in the Book of Jasher, this very entertaining and eccentric comment was found from my brother in the video link:
Enoch is a way underrated character in the christian church, heck his book eventhough it is referenced in the bible itself multiple times isn’t included in the official canon list…but then again Enoch already knew that the word would be corrupted by these very men as god had shown him. I’m a big fan of Enoch myself, he’s the angel that introduced me to my own spirit (a blue spirit that floats in my vision perpetually now, yay! Kinda feels like Navi from Zelda…”Hey!!! Look! DEMONS! watch out!”I didn’t believe him at first…yeah call me a sceptic….so he showed me the Arc and what it really means and taught me everything on spirits and my new companion. Modern day christians like to think of the Arc as a wooden ship on a big ocean…but it’s more like a  battleship that navigates the multiverse…and its waves and beasties that swim in those waters can get pretty damn big and nasty I tell you! Got to fire those cannons once in a while when they get too close tho! lol pew pew and feel the spirit world shake lol Oh here’s a funny part you have to know about the Arc and the Bible! The bible says that the ship is made of Gopher Wood right? The hebrews don’t know what the word means in THEIR language…but they never got the word wrong.  The ship was made by slaying a giant Satanic Gopher and used the wood it spew out to construct the Arc. Gophers only exist in the America´s, so ofcourse the hebrews when writing it down and much later wouldn’t know what a gopher was 😀 it´s not native to their land…I personally think it’s funny that the people in central america spoke a language called ”Nahuatl” as when you say it in Dutch or as I like to call it ”Underworldish” it translates as ”Noahs Language” and coincidentally their scripture the popul vuh has a remarkable story on how a tree of life was corrupted…oh last thing…tenochtitlan…kinda sounds like ”Enoch Land” in Dutch and their high-priest was even called Tenoch….Anyways I’ll just scurry back to some other lower deck in meditation and spirit now and do my usual thing before …. ….´´Hai! Enoch! No!!! I didn’t divulge too much! These are good folks! Spare me!’No don’t send me to room 666….anything but…”
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  1. All I can say is Wow! Haha! He is someone who would be interesting to have a conversation with! The thing about the Dutch language is interesting. We live around mostly Dutch and although my grandpa spoke of fluently I never got a chance.

  2. OFF TOPIC (I know) BUT… Michael why post Skywatch TVnews. It is totally unscripturally PRO “Israel!” Even claiming that perhaps the floods in Louisiana wree unleashed because the Luterans were having a conference about boycotting “Israel” over their treatment of the Palestinians! (GB the Lutherans!)
    WE are Israel, whether Jew or Gentile, who have received Jesus as their saviour! As it is written: “But as many as received HIM, to THEM He gave thr right (power, privilege) to BECOME the Childlren of God, even to them that believe on His Name!” (John 1:12)
    There are no other chosen children of God than only those who received HIM! He that climbs up another way is a thief and a robber!
    Anyone can only come through JESUS! And any Jew that does not accept the Messiah Jesus, is as lost as a Gentile who does not receive Jesus. So why support a political entity of people who are NOT Israel and claim to be Israel when they are NOT Israel!
    Only God’s children are the REAL Israel. “Ye have not chosen me but I chose you! And ordained you that ye should GO and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain!” (Jn 15:16? )
    So why support a TV tube that spouts false doctrine?
    Your Jimeny Cricket

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