Captain America Winter Soldier Illuminati Notes

Some great scenes in this movie, and some great Illuminati exposes too!
1. “It’s called Compartmentalization”   says Dr. Fury, explaining how military are separated and don’t know what the other arm is doing, and why the CIA can have wicked elements working in it alongside good. This is something that occurs in our governments today and is a very common word now to describe this phenomenon.
2. “Calling it protection to hold a gun to everyone on earth?” Captain America says. . . “I thought you used to prosecute after the crime was committed.”   Describing how the Illuminati’s agenda is to make everyone a criminal, and guilty until proven innocent instead of the other way around. This is the way the Devil works, by the way, and you have to throw in his face that you are covered by the Blood of Jesus to shut that old boy up!
3. “This isn’t freedom, this is fear” alluding to the way terrorism has been flaunted abroad to steal people’s freedoms worldwide. Hence, the whole Patriot Act which is the very opposite of being a Patriot Act, rather making people focus on the constant fear of a terror attack while making people lose their liberties.
4. Robert Redford’s character tells the Captain:   “Sometimes to make a better world we have to tear the old one down”.. Blatant NEW WORLD ORDER agenda right there in your face, baby! Order out of chaos is their main game!
5. S.H.I.E.L.D. HACKS INTO ALL NETWORKS AND INFORMATION SYSTEMS TO HUNT DOWN THE Captain, similar to the way the A.C. New World Order Government system is going to hunt down the Saints during the Tribulation. If you are the type of person who lives by faith, or who just loves being a free human and has individual thoughts, you are an enemy of the Illuminati.
6. “Operation Paperclip” – mentioned about the Nazi scientists brought over to the States after the Second World War. In the movie a Nazi scientist has his mind uploaded to databanks just like the Transhumanists are planning to do.   On a side note, this is also stolen from Metal Gear Peace Walker. . . in fact many things are taken right out of Metal Gear in this film, yeah baby!   But in any case, the Transhumanists plan to have themselves uploaded into computers in order to live forever, just like you see this Nazi guy do.   How interesting!
7. “Humanity is finally ready to sacrifice its freedom to gain security.   He says, “A New World Order!”   Shouts the Nazi computer brain. Hahaha, I don’t even have to say anything here. They just spout the truth right in your face:   N.W.O.: The Illuminati main agenda.
8. “Zola’s Algorithm: a way that Hydra can use all human records to evaluate what they will do in the future. . .   Basically the way Google and the NSA are watching everyone constantly and while they say “Don’t be evil” they are preparing the “Hydra System” of the Antichrist to face down the Saints during the Endtime. They build a databank on everyone, why? Right now it’s just for businesses to track you and make more money on advertisements and private info. But in the future the main goal of the Illuminati is to find those people who are the greatest threat to itself, I.E. the Saints who will be the miracle workers of the Endtime. Oh and by the way see the last quote in this film, the thing that scares the Illuminati the most, and the thing that they most wish to exploit: ‘ M I R A C L E S ‘ . . .     Could this film be any more blatant?
9. “I can bring order to 7 billion by sacrificing 20 million” says evil Robert Redford, and this is exactly the way the New World Order thinks. That’s why they justify such false flag terror operations as the faked terror attacks in New York on September eleventh 2001. He also uses the word “order” about 3 or 4 times, which of course means. . . N.W.O. as we all know.
1.For the spiritual warriors out there, the attitude the Captain has in the elevator when he finds he’s about to be assaulted by a gang of guys is “does anyone wanna get out before we get started?”   . . .   Aye that’s the way to fight the enemy now!! Have confidence that you are on the victor’s side, and you, like Miyamoto Musashi, are going from victory on to victory on to victory, because you know your enemy is a born loser and he knows it too!   Fight him with no thought for your life, utilizing every weapon afforded to you in Jesus.
2. The last line in the movie in an underground research lab: “This is not the age of spies or super heroes . . .   this is the age of miracles, and nothing is more terrifying!” Says the evil hydra Nazi transhumanist globalist Illuminati guy!   Hey spells out the entire plan in his final words. And as we all know, the future war is all going to be decided by the use of supernatural weapons, not just your physical ones.   So get ready!   See what happens when you pray and pull down the power of the Keys of the Kingdom against all the powers of the evil one with his souped up nazi super soldiers and foes, and as you face him in the might of God you will see him fall, and fall down hard.   You can’t stop a man in the right who keeps on-a come’n!   Don’t give up, pummel the enemy with all you’ve got and you’ll win. Hallelujah!! This is for all you Captain Heaven Boys and Girls out there who are destined to carry your crowns through the dark days of Earth ahead up until Jesus comes back!
And now for some awesome pictures from the movie:
   Captain-America-Winter-Soldier-Movie-Review-Image-3 captain_america_winter_soldier_7_0 Shield-helicarrier-captain-america-the-winter-soldier-movie-1920x1080 Movies-Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier captain-america-winter-soldier-4 4-Captain-America-The-Winter-Soldier-Cap-Golden-Age-version-630x431 SHIELD-Helicarrier Catwshelicarriers three-new-captain-america-the-winter-soldier-character-posters-revealed-155153-a-1391102831-470-75

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