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我的生涯規劃沒有改變了。2004年我在WACO市,德克薩斯州的時候我的朋友給我一個面試了。他問我:你的未來的規劃是什麼?那個時候我剛剛變成一個傳教士。 我剛剛發現很多"靈世界的新武器。"當一個普通的教會的基督教徒,這些新武器好像超高等的科技。所以我的回答是 '求上帝和促進靈世界的新武器!'
我相信我們快要進入地球的歷史上的新時代。在那個時代, 超自然還有關靈世界的東西都會變成特別重要。這些東西會越來越變成我們的生命和每日的生活的大一部分。雖然我也相信做生意還有用你的手大工作也是很重要的事,可是這個普通的工作的方法也要改變。
Hasn’t changed much!  I answered this question back in 2004 in WACO, Texas when first becoming  an FD Family Member.  “Follow God and use and promote the New Weapons.”  I believe that we are entering into a new era in Earth’s history, where the paranormal and the supernatural will be more and more a part of our lives.  Although I do believe in doing business and working hard with your hands to pay the bills, I also believe that soon we will no longer be able to do this the same way we once did.  At that time we will literally be living off miracles, and forced to pray and receive God’s provision.  He will take care of His Own! 
我的看法有可能一點黑,可是我在美國每天聽新聞,總統說美國是第一,美國是第一'我想哭了。如果這是地球的最好的文明,我們的地球沒有希望!可是我一看日本的NHK新聞,在我的頭裡一個光開了。 他們欣賞生命!我的心裡有這個感覺。這個文化愛生命,有一個很老的智慧!我要去哪裡!
Aside from this, I have always loved the Japanese and Chinese Culture, and so am at this time very honored to be able to live in Taiwan and learn Chinese.  I want to be a part of this whole drama as it unfolds.  The News yesterday (November 4th) said there might be an armed conflict between Japan and China, and of course this will result in most likely a pressure upon Taiwan to accept China.  As America is weakening and drowning in debt and (I believe) about to be destroyed by design, Taiwan will probobly have no other choice.  But!  God will make a way for His people.  Get on board with God today, and sail on His ship through the stormy waters ahead!  Let’s make a career out of living by faith in God and standing upon His promises!!
After the dust settles of the strange and eventful future catastrophe, a new system will be set into place.  In the Spirit, we are able to use a variety of New Weapons:  The Keys, our Spirit Helpers and Angels, Prophecy and hearing God’s Voice, spending time in God’s Word, Praying, Loving Jesus intimately or focusing on your personal relationship to Jesus, and more.  These should be keeping one busy enough to be called “a career” and in those days, people will begin to see the value of the Spiritual Weapons.  If you are seeing aliens, zombies, ghosts, demons, and robots attack you and the spiritual or ‘magick’ element is added, the power of God’s Weapons will be clear to anyone, and many will make their living off of this in those days
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