William Ramsey: The Rise of The Satanic while Christianity Declines on SPIRITWARS

William Ramsey joins us! Ghost Rider – Bush mentored Clinton (polanski) William Ramsey’s Books! peter christopherson Crowley admirer case new apostolic reformation   NAR talk to Justin Faull!! Mr. Ramsey’s testimony of coming to the faith DAMIEN ECHOLS followers fight Mr. Ramsey’s publications, threats of lawsuits Patrick Multon coming civil war […]

SpiritWars: ISS UFO Flyby and MK-Ultra Exposure

Tony’s mentioning of taking spirit ships and buzzing the ISS Starts at 31 minutes in. Then two days later this article appeared on Drudge Report with a photo of what appears to be our armada of spirit craft.

The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter! Experience the Heavenly Realm:  The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter! -Do you need to be a guru to spirit travel? -Why is spirit travel important? -The experiences that helped Chris to start believing this was real -Steps to See in the Spirit: Imagine the room you’re in. 2. Ask the Lord out loud where […]