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SpiritWars000000200: As Much Bible As Possible

Time to be the Bride of Christ, to receive Him intimately and to know the things unknown and to stretch our faith! My name is Michael Basham and I’ve been broadcasting on youtube for several years while traveling the Earth by faith. Through miraculous leadings I was able to recently enter into the Christian Fringe […]

SpiritWars000000030: Interview With A Disciple

Recently had the chance to speak with a true warrior and disciple of Jesus, Emmy Lovechild.  She has really laid down her whole life to follow the Lord and until today continues to sacrifice daily.  Emmy was part of the controversial “Children of God/Family International” Missionary group and although no longer supports their current vision, […]

Alex Jones InfoWars Studios Dream

I had this incredibly vivid dream of being at InfoWars Studios and watching the production of the live show.   There were all these places for people to come and sit and watch, and the studio itself was built beautifully with high wooden ceilings and logos rising up higher even than the real professional studio […]