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Alex Jones InfoWars Studios Dream

I had this incredibly vivid dream of being at InfoWars Studios and watching the production of the live show.   There were all these places for people to come and sit and watch, and the studio itself was built beautifully with high wooden ceilings and logos rising up higher even than the real professional studio […]

Benjamin Baruch Endtime Watchman! SpiritWars000000225

I was very honoured to have the opportunity to speak with Benjamin Baruch and get the latest intel on the signs of the times and some very very deep insight into the main points of the Endtime and Revelation! “My name is Benjamin. I am neither an author nor a prophet. My educational background is […]


This was the 5th transmission (the 6th will be recorded live in hours) of the background and world-view that is the prologue to the displaced 3rd Reich government to Antarctica.  Feel free to look at the time stamps my dear brother Austin painstakingly transcribed for those who are looking for specific info dealing with any […]