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Two Tokyo Dreams Last Night

Dreamed that in Tokyo were these huge machines moving everywhere, of all kinds. I was walking through them and quite acquainted with how to navigate through this area that looked like a shipyard, trying to get to a dormitory I was staying in or something. There were moving and construction equipment, high tech robots like […]


The way Trump talks actually reminds me a lot of my dad.  It’s the voice of someone who is used to getting things done.  My dad is an extremely practical guy who also happens to be a very successful concertmaster and violin professor.  Whenever I hear people criticizing Trump and nitpicking at these little details […]

Inside The Mind Of A Concertmaster: My Dad!

Glenn Basham reveals what it takes to get sweet music from the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra. Jonathan Foerster For the non-classical music fan, Glenn Basham’s title—concertmaster of the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra— can seem a bit imposing. But so is his job. The role is more than just being the first chair violinist. He’s also the liaison […]