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SpiritWars: Lisa Perna of Touched by Prayer!

Touched by Prayer is an internet radio show that was established in 2014 by husband and wife, Rob and Lisa Perna. Rob felt that the stories and God encounters that his wife Lisa was having needed to be recorded. He felt a tug from God to start an internet radio show that would be a […]


Fringe Radio Network News Live on the Spirit Wars Show! Yes we took over the Spirit Wars feed to introduce the latest session of FRN News. Strange News, Funny News, Weird News and Serious News. Play in new window | Download

Cool prophecy

“fret not! None of these things shall befall you, which your enemies all accuse you of day in and day out! You will stand strong, and tall and mighty in the power of My keys! The key power I give you is strong– stronger than anything the enemy has ever cooked up. So stand on […]

SpiritWars: A Trillion Galaxies of Wisdom howdy howdy howdy!In today’s episode we’re going into a countless myriad epic download of portals into the Heavenlies– everywhere from Michael Chricton’s and Tom Clancy’s murder to the Annals of G.K. Chesterton and then on to our favorite mystic journeys of the Spirit Wars. Ascending into the Garden of God. Going into the Andromeda […]

SpiritWars Galaxy Musical Trip for the SpiritForce ” It’s a little like faster–than-light travel—it takes trust to step into another dimension, not seeing where you’re going, but you get there much quicker. It is a big leap of faith, yet you are light years ahead of the pack of Systemites, in a whole new and different faraway quadrant of the galaxy, […]