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Why Must We Keep Ourselves in the Love of God?

Hi guys, and gals, just your friendly neighborhood Michael Basham here, musing during a late night between translating Chinese comics into English and studying for a Hawai’ian Real Estate exam. I found out the Amazon Kindle has a text-aloud feature through bluetooth headphones and have been experimenting with it, finding myself going through old notes […]

Off Planet Dream with Robot AIs!

This morning I had a conversation with a sister about how wonderful it would be to be engaging the Spirit Realm in full and making use of our spiritual weaponry to serve the Lord.  So often it’s easy to lose sight of our destiny and what we’re capable of during our day to day life […]

Alien COVENANT Illuminati Notes!

Amy Axby of Lady The Fearless asked me to explain whether this movie had a good message to it.  I promised to write some thoughts on it and so here I go while the movie is fresh in my mind: If you want to understand the way the Elite of this planet are, you’ll have to […]

The Godhand: SPIRITWARS 000000003

As this Podcast Craft slowly leaves the docking bay of the Spirit, the various sectors and engines are listed in rough detail:  The InfoWar, Covenant, The Family, Fringe Christianity, and Christian Mysticism.  This is THE GOD HAND. . . Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 41:57 — 38.4MB) Play in new window […]

Putimon on Pokehell: No Go!

“Piiiiiiikaaaaaaa piiiiiikkkaaaaaaaa!!!” said Pikachu as he fell from the hopeful money bomb of having all those Russians playing Pokemon Go in Russia! Putin To Ban Pokemon GO From Russia Due To Links To CIA Posted on July 17, 2016 by Baxter Dmitry in News, World Vladimir Putin is set to ban Pokemon GO from Russia […]