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Live with Doug Wentz!

Join our live broadcast with a brilliant brother 10 PM Est! Quote from his latest post: That which deconstructs the old you, will oppress the new you. Once the methods of your sect have dissolved old patterns, and then fortified the new you, this new creation will gradually be weakened if the same principles are […]


This was rather interesting!   I was just honored by a Buddha Master of the Nth Degree to speak in front of their congregation!   Dark days call for desperate measures and powers are shifting to the point where people are forgetting doctrinal differences and preparing instead to face the antichrist!  I’ll share more on […]

The Prophecy of the Woman and Sept 23

Neville Johnson’s prophecy from last year is coming true.   The Church is in major Dire Straits right now, but that is due to come to a close August 1st.   Then we have other major things going on in the sky, coming this September 23rd.   Come join Kassondra and Daniel and I as […]

Talked with Truth Seekah!

Had a great time talking with David Grosskurth of the TruthSeekah podcast!  You MUST check out his show, it’s amazing how many cool people he’s interviewed and he even knows Ian Clayton and many other mystic Christians…