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Live Now with Douglas Dietrich on Antarctica Part 3!

First, Ginny Brooks shares her experience which dovetails with Mr. Dietrich’s amazing and integral research and understanding about the 3rd Reich’s exiled government in Antarctica.  Then Mr. Dietrich will continue to draw the map for us regarding the reality of such a place physically existing on our planet! From Mr. Douglas’s FaceBook: LIGHT YOUR 道 […]

Evil George Washington?

​ If Douglas Dietrich hasn’t seen the trailer for this older Assassins Creed game yet, he’s gonna love it!   Does anyone find it strange that there has never been a Hollywood movie done about George Washington? For Mr. Dietrich’s take on the REAL George Washington, click here on the time signatures of our 5 […]

SpiritWars 000000024: Douglas Dietrich on the Revelation of the Magi LIVE NOW!

JOIN US!!  We discuss: The 12 Sage Kings of China, the Star Child and Universal Religion. The revelation of the Magi in Ancient Christian Apocraphon. Notes: Vatican library, Coptic monasteries “Copts” (one of the first to convert to Christianity as an ethnos) Assemani – 18th century Orientalist who worked for Vatican Library. Adam – […]

Talking TFI and Testimony with Douglas Dietrich!

We’re talkin’ about the FAMILY and a host of other things on his show at Revolution Radio: Mp3 Archive: <> HĒREBE FREE LINKAGE TO THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY’S 112916 (November 29th, 2016) TRANSMISSION ‘O’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS (<>),” WHEREIN THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN EITHER SIDE ‘O’ THE PACIFIC TOSSED THE PAINKILLERS AND TALKED STRAIGHT W(ith) […]

SpiritWars On Air with Douglas Dietrich!

SpiritWars000000008: Douglas Dietrich on Secret Space Program and Untold Satanic American History This first interview with Mr. Douglas Dietrich touches upon Chinese Communist dictator Mao Tse Dong’s Yale/ Skull and Bones connections as well as the Secret Space Program!   Mr. Dietrich’s Life events: 2011 Started Working at Revolution Radio on Left Job at […]

To Miss Solaris BlueRaven

Hey Miss Solaris~ I have been following your interviews and Mr. Dietrich’s pretty closely this past few months, as well as Mr. James Casbolt and James Rink’s Super Soldier Testimonies. I found this to be of interest: Russ Dizdar, a pastor who has met and dealt with quite a few MK-Ultra/MI-Labs/Monarch people over the past […]

To Mr. Douglas on Metal Gear

Dear Mr. Douglas: Since I am of the Video Game generation, and you have a great deal to say about Japan’s secret weapons and War plan and Capabilities during WW2, I thought I’d share a bit of info with you: Metal Gear– a series of games cr eated by Kojima Hideo. These games really are […]