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Dream of Satanic Underground Child-Sacrifice Facility

Dream of Satanic “Satan’s Home” underground child-sacrifice facility This is a dream I had after talking with Alan Davenport last night, the “Prophet of the Fringe” and in the middle of quite a bit of SRA research and conversations.  It was some sort of mission but it got really twisted.  I was working deep under-cover […]

More Dreams of Exposing Evil!

This dream was also long and had various scenes but as usual the most disturbing parts stick with you. . . We were in a castled city and I kept thinking how it was like Jerusalem, protected with walls all around.  I was living there at the time and had a bed and was dealing with […]

Spiritual Manifestation Dream Feat. Keenu Reeves

Dreamed that there was this multi storied complex sort of like a university you’d find in Asia, where they were trying to conserve space but it was built for a lot of people.   There were tons of famous people and not famous people walking around, all spiritual people. I recognized Justin Abraham and some other […]

Two Tokyo Dreams Last Night

Dreamed that in Tokyo were these huge machines moving everywhere, of all kinds. I was walking through them and quite acquainted with how to navigate through this area that looked like a shipyard, trying to get to a dormitory I was staying in or something. There were moving and construction equipment, high tech robots like […]

Mermaid Atlanta

Just a quick note here as I study some old revelations:   MERMAIDS!   Was Atlanta a real being? “HOW COULD SOMEBODY BE SO PRETTY AND LOOK LIKE A FISH?–Such a big mouth! It is for Atlantis, and she wants me to love her little children. Her name is Atlanta–it’s feminine. Atlantis is her land. […]

Technological Advances These Days! –Terry Lane

In response to a short clip about A.I. songstresses I recorded this morning, my dear brother Terry shared some insights: It’s curious when you see all these things going on these days. I always seem to find myself using that phrase “these days” as I always seem to find myself thinking of that verse talking […]

Heavenly Superpowers!

Come with me for a second, and let’s travel together.  I’ve been slipping in and out of several realities and I’m still a bit dizzy, but I’ll do my best to talk as clearly as possible.  Last night was intense.  I had a vivid dream of a girl who was sent from Heaven directly, who […]