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Dream of Satanic Underground Child-Sacrifice Facility

Dream of Satanic “Satan’s Home” underground child-sacrifice facility This is a dream I had after talking with Alan Davenport last night, the “Prophet of the Fringe” and in the middle of quite a bit of SRA research and conversations.  It was some sort of mission but it got really twisted.  I was working deep under-cover […]

More Dreams of Exposing Evil!

This dream was also long and had various scenes but as usual the most disturbing parts stick with you. . . We were in a castled city and I kept thinking how it was like Jerusalem, protected with walls all around.  I was living there at the time and had a bed and was dealing with […]

Dream of Enemy Operations

This dream comes after praying for the Enemy’s face to be revealed, so that we know what we are up against. First off, upon waking the first awakening the feeling I got was “what if the enemy had gotten the ring” in LOTR.   I was in a variety of missions having to do with this […]

Off Planet Dream with Robot AIs!

This morning I had a conversation with a sister about how wonderful it would be to be engaging the Spirit Realm in full and making use of our spiritual weaponry to serve the Lord.  So often it’s easy to lose sight of our destiny and what we’re capable of during our day to day life […]

Secret Mars Colony DREAM

I woke up having been on Mars this rainy morning, dear folks!  It was incredibly vivid.  At first there was a small colony being built and I went there with a group of people to begin settling, but upon arrival I looked out into the distance and saw a great civilization that had already been […]

Mars Spirit Frontier School Trip

TARGET: Mars REASON: Because it’s awesome MISSION: Unknown, but bring new recruits, possibly.  Make a big mess, scare a bunch of people. Target Scripture of Meditation: [Isaiah 66] Background music: [Last Bible 3 OST] PRAYER: Lord we come boldly before Your throne of grace today, knowing that you are our life and hope, our only […]