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You almost get used to it

  <JESUS> On Earth you suffer tribulation in many forms.  You almost get used to it.  I have allowed you to feel the heat of the battle and to go through many things.   But here you are always home, always fresh, always near to Me.  Never feel distant, for in the Spirit you are […]

Dori Etheridge Live on SpiritWars!

Doors Of Deception Radio is committed to exposing the truth about the occult, the demonic, alien encounters, UFOs, spirit guides and giving you knowledge and empowerment to fend off supernatural attacks. You’ll learn how to defend yourself by knowing how to spiritually discern the agents of deception, that have been dispatched into our world at […]

Interview with "Aspen" #1

4-26-2012 1. My interview with a guy who goes by the name of “Aspen” who has quite a tale to be told on the subject of Illuminati Mind Control and his own very dramatic experiences.  More to come!   Click here to download it!

Prometheus, HR Geiger, and the Secret Moon Mission!

CONNECT THE DOTS!  (See Gallery Below for Pictures!)   It doesn’t take a fantastically huge brain to figure out where things are aligning and where they connect.  Didn’t you used to fill in the gaps in the old ‘connect the dots’ activities for 3 year olds?  I bet some 3 year old kids could make […]

RED ALERT: Prayer for Iraqi Christians Requested!

Upon hearing the most recent news in Iraq, I am sending out a call to all who have the gift of intercession to curse the Enemy and protect God’s People in Iraq and elsewhere who are being murdered by ISIS.   This is a Western backed Islamic militant group and we can claim all the power […]