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Request Free Prophecy. . . Abandoned Mantles Taken Up!

I listened to a few broadcasts of this lovely young prophetess named Lenora, full of conviction just going on internet radio, using blogtalkradio (the equivalent of youtube for audio and live radio podcasting)  to put herself out there and answer people’s requests for prophecy LIVE on the air!  Talk about being brave and using the […]

Further Investigations into The Urantia Book Cult

These are the continued voyages of the Starship Bashamprize, boldly investigating unknown spiritual civilizations.  As my fathers went before me, so I continue into this quest! Thus far, some quick notes on the latest discovery. . . The URANTIA!  Probably you have never heard of this interesting book, but I have had it confirmed to […]

The Case for the Loving Jesus Revelation

Remember this Revelation?  Anyone out there still practicing it?  If you do not know what it is, it’s a very graphic, very intimate way of becoming one with Jesus.  The whole manual on how to do it is miles long and posted on this site under “Loving Jesus” but it is for those who are […]