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The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter!

https://www.spreaker.com/user/mxpw/the-cosmic-clock-with-chris-carter Experience the Heavenly Realm:  The Cosmic Clock with Chris Carter! -Do you need to be a guru to spirit travel? -Why is spirit travel important? -The experiences that helped Chris to start believing this was real -Steps to See in the Spirit: Imagine the room you’re in. 2. Ask the Lord out loud where […]

A Wise Fringe Christian Once Told Me

I feel like commander data when he’s laying on the floor with this head cover popped open all sparking and clicking with his positronic brain showing after he’s been hit with a Klingon disruptor array Ever feel like that?   After the past few days of missionarying that’s exactly how I feel!   But hopefully […]

Cloud Phoenix School

Welcome to this Spirit School!  We have assembled a mighty array of teachers and counselors both terrestrial and non-terrestrial, and their classes are seen here: Dr. Jerry Lee, Manifester Seer Prophet Blog and Radio Podcast Show Moses David, Endtime Prophet  — New Weapons! G.k. Chesterton, the man who influenced C.S. Lewis and Tolkien and whose […]

Priests Assemble!

Funny thing just happened: Listening to Avengers OST  “Assemble” and reading Ezekiel 44 23-24. They shall keep My Law in all My ASSEMBLIES. Very cool!  I love it when this happens. “And they shall teach My people the difference between the holy and profane, and cause them to discern between the unclean and the clean.  […]

Crazy, Awesome Dream + Miracle This Morning

Just woke up, still thrilled.  I was outside looking at the sky, and a friend of mine was out there too but somehow  ended up missing this:  a gigantic ship the size of several sky scrapers floated by, during the night over this hotel I was staying at with my family and friends.  I yelled […]