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With the dream I had this morning (see last post) I thought I should share this.  Also just went live on the subject of the Bride and the Keys.  With CERN and other stuff, we’re definitely going to be seeing a lot of spiritual manifestations soon. –MO October 7, 1973 NO.275A–DFO –Another Spirit Trip! 1. […]

Warning Prophecy

I think I need to post this every week. The Lane Family has recieved more flak then I ever do in most of my Youtube rambles.  Thank God for them!  Pray they keep making videos. . . All they did with this one was dramatically re-enact the Warning Prophecy from Virginia Berg and boy did […]


DON’T CRAM! DO 1859 4/10/82 1. I’M GIVING YOU A TIP ON HOW TO ORGANISE YOUR WORK NOW–YOU CAN’T DO ANY MORE THAN YOU CAN DO! Just go along & do what you can every day, that’s all, & do the most important things first. If the little things never get done, well, tough! You […]


“DON’T DROP OUT!–DROP IN!”–MO August 1, 1976 DO No.542 Copyright © September 1976 by The Children of God 1. IN SOME OF THE CLOSED COUNTRIES where we are now, we are either officially prohibited or greatly restricted in litnessing or open witnessing by governmental regulations, pressure or persecution. In these closed countries we have a […]

Clean Up Your Mess!

(EMERGENCY NOTICE!:)–DIRTY HOMES!–Clean Up Your Mess! DFO 836_1 23/9/79 –Or Don’t Claim to be One of Ours!–By Father David 1. BETTER NO HOME THAN A DIRTY ONE!–Let me see your Home, & I’ll tell you what you are! We fired one of Rachel’s top leaders for allowing some of the Homes in his area to […]


Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men ( Pro.22:29 ). 1. The one thing that God says that His workers need above all is to be found faithful. 2. Only those who have the patience to do simple things accurately will acquire […]


Then said Jesus unto His disciples, If any man will come after Me, let him deny himself, & take up his cross & follow Me ( Mt.16:24 ). 1. A disciple forsakes everything, walks with Jesus, follows Jesus and lives with Jesus! This is the difference between mere Christians and disciples. 2. Halfway, half-hearted, half-baked […]