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New Weapons Reading Roundup!

GOOD MORNING! A touch of each New Weapon for Breakfast! Praise: 79. (Jesus continues:) Praise Me for the things of the spirit, and try to be specific about why you appreciate them. Why are you thankful for the key of protection? What does a certain spirit helper do that you appreciate? Why are you thankful […]

Mermaid Atlanta

Just a quick note here as I study some old revelations:   MERMAIDS!   Was Atlanta a real being? “HOW COULD SOMEBODY BE SO PRETTY AND LOOK LIKE A FISH?–Such a big mouth! It is for Atlantis, and she wants me to love her little children. Her name is Atlanta–it’s feminine. Atlantis is her land. […]

New Weapons Assembly!

GET YOUR FIGHTER OUTFITTED FOR BATTLE!  Quotes to attach to your faith in each of the 7 Major New Weapons areas: 1.The Word 2.Praise 3.Prayer 4.Loving Jesus 5.The Keys 6.Spirit Helpers 7.Prophecy   LET’S GO. . .   1. The Word 165. As long as you continue to recognize how much you need Me and […]

CrossWord Puzzle for WildCats!

Who not only gets prophecies of Heavenly Kitties, but then even has someone make a crossword for them?!?!    (cue Jeapordy melody here) . . . I’ll take Strange Christian Cults for 500! Link to the main article on the WILDCATS REVELATIONS!  (UPDATED 2017!)      

Confirmation Miracles During Reading and Praying!

<me> Lord what do I know but Your Weapons?  I’m good for nothing in a world without Your Spiritual War!  Please lead and guide me and show me the next step. {everyone on yotuube video I’m watching says “dub STEP” multiple times now as i transcribe} Is it a new level of warfare and utilizing […]


    WORD WORLD PORTAL TIME!!!! Jesus show me new things in Your Law!  (This session began with Psalm 2) PSA.2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? <Jesus> do not imagine a vain thing, but let your hope be in My Word. Walk in My Counsel and truth and […]

Overcoming the Enemy!

Witches are mobilizing against Trump and calling forth hexes. . .  how much more should the Church be unifying and rallying to attack the Enemy’s AntiChrist forces? Gear up with your spiritual horse and plug in those earphones while you drive through the mountains! The MP3 can be downloaded from the list below, as can […]