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People Who Dared to Interview Michael Basham…

Interview with Truth Seekah Derek Grosskurth: Spirits In The Sky | Michael Basham Interviews with The Prophecy Brothers: Interview with William Ramsey Investigates: Interview with Laura Lee Solomon on Paths to the Great Adventure: Interview with Douglas Dietrich’s Critical Omissions:

Spiritual Warfare Journeying #Millenials 3

At age 33 now I write this, sensing the wild culmination of all that has led up to today and thinking about who will take the torch of discipleship for this next decade.  You all face something I never did, and will need to adapt to a totally new wild climate of mental anarchy that […]

Walking in the Spirit #To Millennials 1

I recently had the chance to speak with a millennial about seeing in the Spirit and how to do it.  Although I’m not the guy to be answering these kinds of questions (see Praying Medic’s Seeing in the Spirit for a very concise work on the matter) I thought it would be at least somewhat useful […]