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A Wise Fringe Christian Once Told Me

I feel like commander data when he’s laying on the floor with this head cover popped open all sparking and clicking with his positronic brain showing after he’s been hit with a Klingon disruptor array Ever feel like that?   After the past few days of missionarying that’s exactly how I feel!   But hopefully […]

Talking TFI and Testimony with Douglas Dietrich!

We’re talkin’ about the FAMILY and a host of other things on his show at Revolution Radio: http://www.streamfinder.com/streaming-radio/revolution-radio-studio-a/44330/#.WD5PRZJpzX4 Mp3 Archive: <https://douglasdietrichproductions.box.com/s/c2015rrd9ubkburasu86ont1uywougt6> HĒREBE FREE LINKAGE TO THE DAY BEFORE YESTERDAY’S 112916 (November 29th, 2016) TRANSMISSION ‘O’ “CRITICAL OMISSIONS (<https://douglasdietrichproductions.box.com/s/c2015rrd9ubkburasu86ont1uywougt6>),” WHEREIN THE MOST DANGEROUS MAN EITHER SIDE ‘O’ THE PACIFIC TOSSED THE PAINKILLERS AND TALKED STRAIGHT W(ith) […]

SpiritWars On Air with Douglas Dietrich!

SpiritWars000000008: Douglas Dietrich on Secret Space Program and Untold Satanic American History This first interview with Mr. Douglas Dietrich touches upon Chinese Communist dictator Mao Tse Dong’s Yale/ Skull and Bones connections as well as the Secret Space Program!   Mr. Dietrich’s Life events: 2011 Started Working at Revolution Radio on Freedomslips.com Left Job at […]

Mass Protests in Republic of China Explode into Executive Parliament – Has “Asian Spring” Begun?

7:30 P.M. March 23rd Taipei, Taiwan: Hundreds of students bypass the barbed wire and fences surrounding the Executive Yuan building and seize control of yet another crucial arm of the Taiwanese government.  Following president Ma’s unsavory answer (“Students, stop this illegal sit-in so we can finish our review!”) to the week   long student protests during […]

What Exactly is Happening in Taiwan? REVOLUTION!

Brace yourselves for this weekend, as now more and more students and energetic activists are getting ready to show up at the Taiwanese Parliament to perform their own version of an Occupy movement.  Only today, we know how monumental and catastrophic these sorts of things can be. From China Post’s Article come some very glaringly alarming […]