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Meeting the Family (TFI) #Millennials 7

When you’re 20 and idealistic there is this natural urge to find your tribe.  Especially as  a Christian, you can feel it so palpably it’s like you can taste it.  Fellowship.  Not just people to hop around bars with on a Harley, but really deep friends who share the same ideals as you.  Don’t get […]

Keys Revelation and Power Stones of Marvel

What kind of Bride are you gonna be?  The Lord needs sexy brides in His Army!  Let’s leave the old decrepit church system and get moving with what God is doing today! Recently I have been meditating on distinct similarities between the so called Power Stones in the MARVEL franchise and the teachings I was […]


    WORD WORLD PORTAL TIME!!!! Jesus show me new things in Your Law!  (This session began with Psalm 2) PSA.2:1 Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? <Jesus> do not imagine a vain thing, but let your hope be in My Word. Walk in My Counsel and truth and […]