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Prophecy for America and Church

FROM Prophetic Word for 2013   As I’ve felt stirred to release a prophetic word for 2013, much of what the Lord has shown me has been building over the last two or three years. We are now entering into 2013, and much of what has been prophesied and declared in years past is coming […]

The Deep Dark Caves of Treasures Dream!

I awoke this morning with an incredible feeling of exileration, Praise God, as I had had an amazing dream. . . There were these tremendous caves under an old mansion which I had gone through before, and I was once more looking for the entrances to.  The caves were massive and full of treasures, but […]

Gil and Adena Hodges!

Gil and Adena Hodges are called to assist people on their journey to understand who they are in Christ and how to function in His Body on Earth.  In their 28 years of ministry, they have sought to understand God’s calling on all God’s people, not just those in pulpit or missionary ministry, but to […]

Word Time Necessity!

Jesus: I’ll tell you what I see. There are multitudes who need to be reached with My message. There are countless disciples to be won. There’s a hungry and bleating flock already within the folds. There are ravenous wolves attacking and trying to maim and kill the lambs. There are harvesting tools to be made […]

Confirmation Miracles During Reading and Praying!

<me> Lord what do I know but Your Weapons?  I’m good for nothing in a world without Your Spiritual War!  Please lead and guide me and show me the next step. {everyone on yotuube video I’m watching says “dub STEP” multiple times now as i transcribe} Is it a new level of warfare and utilizing […]