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Spiritual Manifestation Dream Feat. Keenu Reeves

Dreamed that there was this multi storied complex sort of like a university you’d find in Asia, where they were trying to conserve space but it was built for a lot of people.   There were tons of famous people and not famous people walking around, all spiritual people. I recognized Justin Abraham and some other […]

Trump rips media for mocking Christians

Awesome stuff!   As Hillary is manifesting demons in public, Trump is standing up for Christians. . . By Jonathan Easley Donald Trump accused the media of mocking Christians and vowed to be a champion for religious liberty at a gathering of social conservatives in Washington on Friday. Speaking at the Values Voter Summit, the […]


The way Trump talks actually reminds me a lot of my dad.  It’s the voice of someone who is used to getting things done.  My dad is an extremely practical guy who also happens to be a very successful concertmaster and violin professor.  Whenever I hear people criticizing Trump and nitpicking at these little details […]