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Prayer Team Training and Guidelines

How do you pray for people if you are asked to be on a prayer team?  This video is a basic training for how to pray for people individually or as part of a prayer team.  Check out the Prayer Team Training Document: https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/51588f33-6de2-4da4-9491-f04bd76ba822/downloads/Prayer%20Team%20Guide.pdf?ver=1554345709030

Why Must We Keep Ourselves in the Love of God?

Hi guys, and gals, just your friendly neighborhood Michael Basham here, musing during a late night between translating Chinese comics into English and studying for a Hawai’ian Real Estate exam. I found out the Amazon Kindle has a text-aloud feature through bluetooth headphones and have been experimenting with it, finding myself going through old notes […]

DEREK PRINCE: The Enemies We Face

One of the fascinating things about Horus Heresy/ Siege of Terra is how Horus has mobilized his troops against the Emporer of Mankind (who is in some ways a representation of God) on ancient Earth, but has perverted all the organization. The organization aspect is something he learned from his father, the Emporer. In this […]

147 CCNT “The New New New World Order!” – 07.10.2019

Gonz runs solo as he covers the renewing of the New World Order! He covers the Epstein arrest and his connection to Deutsche Bank who is failing…hard; plus JP Morgan caught smuggling $1 billion worth of cocaine, why the phrase “New World Order” is in the headlines again, how JPL is allegedly helping us rebuild […]