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(Jesus speaking:) I place in your hands the tide of the battle. Upon you I bestow this high privilege of intercessory prayer for the furthering of My Kingdom come on Earth. It is a high privilege, a high honor, one that is greatly prized in all the Heavens. For My mighty bulwarks of faith and prayer, My vanguard prayer warriors are among the most respected and highly looked-up-to in all the Heavens. For these to whom I entrust the high privilege of wielding the weapon of intercessory prayer are those who win the battle. There is no battle, no victory that can be won that does not come by way of the mighty prayers of My faithful vanguard co rps of prayer warriors–My highly trained and skilled, My most trusted prayer guard. This is the privilege I bestow upon you, My faithful ones. I trust you with the high position and honor to be My prayer guard, My strong warriors of faith and prayer in this mighty battle to establish My Kingdom come on Earth.
96. Do not tire in prayer, nor be weary at the sound of the trumpet, but lift up your arms in praise. Fix your eyes upward and call on the power of Heaven!
97. As you, My beloved bride s, pray and seek Me in all these matters, know that I will pour out in great abundance. I will open the treasure houses of the Heavens and pour out to overflowing. The effectual fervent prayers of My vanguard prayer corps will avail much. Great and mighty victories will be wrought. You will reap the good of the land; not one prayer will return unto you void. (End of message from Jesus.)

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