CHAPPiE Movie– Illuminati Will Overcome Death

by Aspen

(Humanity’s Last Hope Isn’t Human. Is this why they’re turning us into robots? )

In the near future, a robotic police force patrols the streets.
When one police droid, CHAPPiE, is stolen and given new programming,
he becomes the first robot with the ability to think and feel for himself.
The Illuminati want to play God. Specifically, they want eternal life
by transferring their “consciousness” to robots.

The film triumphantly broadcasts that Man
is God’s successor, accomplishing what the Creator could not.”
i.e. Satanists overrule nature.


Although critics hate this movie, it is a box office hit.

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by Aspen

“CHAPPiE” is a full-blown satanic manifesto telegraphing to all of its viewers the theology of the global elite:

“God our Creator is inept. He has great power but very little understanding of what HE is, or what ‘consciousness’ is, or what ‘power’ is, or what ‘freedom’ is. God the Creator is a bumbling yet harmless genius. When he created us, he was seeking to find Himself, and it is only through our own evolution, and our own emergent superiority to the inept intellect of God, that real truth and real power will arise.”

NeillBlomkampCCJuly09.jpg(Who would have guessed that writer-director Neil Blomkamp is an Illuminati Jew?)

The thematic heart of the film is encapsulated in a dialogue between a robot, CHAPPiE, who has two horns on his head, and its creator, a man named Deon Wilson, who works for a defense contractor in South Africa. CHAPPiE has just learned that his battery is going to run out and cannot be replaced, so he is in mortal fear.

CHAPPiE:  Maker, I hate you! You produced my consciousness in a defective body. Why did you create me if you knew that I was just going to die?

Deon: CHAPPiE, I didn’t know what I was doing. You’ve become something far greater than anything I could have imagined. We don’t know what “consciousness” is or where it is located. I can’t save you.

The robot responds to these challenges by figuring out what “consciousness” really is, and then finding a way to transfer the “energy of consciousness” — which is New Age terminology — into new robot bodies.

CHAPPiE is so successful in this quest for eternal life that not only does he save his Creator by transferring Deon’s “consciousness” into a new robot body, and not only does his Creator save CHAPPiE by returning the favor, but CHAPPiE chirps to his Creator, “Now you will live forever, Maker.”

The film triumphantly broadcasts that Super-Man is God’s successor, accomplishing what the Creator could not.


The names in this film are revelatory of the agenda that produced it.

“Deon Wilson” means, literally, “A being of God-like nature that is the progeny of the power of desire”.

In other words, God wants us to supersede Him, so that we can re-create Him in our own image. That is the lie that Satan has been speaking to all occult believers since the time of the creation of Man, and it is precisely the plot and purpose of this film.

What of the name ” CHAPPiE”? Why is the name “CHAPPiE” spelled with all capital letters but one lower-case “i”?

The satanic globalist elitists are obsessed with Numerology. It doesn’t matter that you don’t believe in Numerology: THEY DO. They believe in numbers, dates, schedules, rituals, potions, and names, and they openly telegraph and announce their beliefs, intentions, and plans, via Numerological gaming.

Assigning a simple numeric value to all of the upper-case letters in the name CHAPPiE gives a value of 49. Counting all of the letters in the name gives a value of 58. Both of these numbers have occult significance, because they each add up to 13.

In the dark places of satanic witchcraft that are ongoing in Hollywood, the central circle do not only commission and refine film scripts; they do not only insert subliminal messages; they do not only paint the word “sex” into Disney cartoons.

They believe in CHAPPiE, the Artificial Intelligence which is Satan himself, a double 13, twice-cursed by the original Creator but now the New Creator.

Take note: “CHAPPiE” is THE FIRST FILM to acknowledge openly that Satan, having left his first estate, is the original Artificial Intelligence and the father and author of all Artificial Intelligence.

The central circle in Hollywood do not only commission, watch, and refine, but they gather together to perform satanic rituals that infuse their productions with evil power. Be assured: a “twice thirteen” ritual was performed over this film, and it involved child sacrifice.

Hollywood, meaning “the wood of the wand of witchcraft”, is steadily in favor of Artificial Intelligence.

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